Apex Legends Cheater Expose Themselves

One viewer who came onto an Apex Legends streamer’s stream was able to catch them trying to switch off their wallhacks and end their stream, exposing them as a cheater. 

Despite Respawn’s best attempts, cheating has been a problem in Apex Legends, particularly at higher levels. While not as common as in games like Warzone, many players still have to deal with opponents that try to take advantage of them by manipulating the game. It’s not always easy to figure out who’s cheating, especially since some hacks are only apparent from the perspective of the player. It can be easy to tell which players are breaking the rules when a broadcaster broadcasts their POV with wallhacks clearly visible. 

When a Redditor that goes by the name ‘hugewattsonguy’ stumbled upon an Apex streamer with no viewers, he discovered that their stream was displaying hacks. Wallhacks were activated for the player, whose username was “iGuess iM Better,” allowing them to see objects, equipment, and supply boxes all around the map. 

They did, however, appear to notice that someone was watching them, prompting them to quickly open a configuration menu, disable wallhacks, and end their stream. By that time, the viewer had managed to clipped the stream and had ample proof of their cheating. 

Redditor ‘hugewattsonguy’ titled their post; “Streamer with blatant wall hacks realizes he has a viewer (me) and tries to play it cool by casually turning them off and ending his stream,” Shortly after this, many Apex fans were quick to attack the streamer, especially given his audacity in using his gamer ID to gloat about his dominance with one user even stated; “You need to be a different breed of stupid to cheat and stream you cheating.”

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