Apex Legends Dev Fix For Infinite Rampage And Sentinel Charge Exploit

Apex Legends developer confirmed recently that they’re working on a fix for the infinite Rampage and Sentinel charge exploit, and threatened to ban those who use it.

It appears that The Rampage LMG and Sentinel to be fairly standard weapons at first glance, but their ability to be powered up in the middle of a battle makes them a real force to be reckoned with.

Players discovered an exploit in early December that allowed both guns to be charged indefinitely. The method quickly spread throughout the community, and opponents abusing the glitch became the norm in Ranked.

Despite the fact that a fix was implemented on December 10, it wasn’t long before players discovered a workaround and the bug reclaimed the BR. The Respawn’s developers recently confirmed that they’re working on a fix yet again, but this time they’ve threatened abusers with a ban. Producer at Respawn Josh Medina confirmed on Twitter on January 4 that the devs were working on a fix for the glitch and that the infinite charge exploits should be gone for good soon.

This was welcome news for many Apex fans, as the bug had become a serious problem in Ranked, with countless players abusing the flaw to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents.

The developers didn’t stop there; Live Balance Designer John Larson hinted that those who exploited the bug might face repercussions.

On January 5, he stated on Twitter that, while he does not wield the “banhammer,” he would consider taking action against the worst of the abusers because the glitch has been in the game for so long, it appears that determining which players deserve to be banned will be difficult, but we’ll have to wait and see what Respawn decides.

The Rampage and Sentinel appear to be restored to their original state, allowing other weapons to compete once more.

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