Apex Legends Players’ Suggestions To Fix Overdue Issues

Fans of Apex Legends have suggested that Respawn should take some pointers from Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege’s book and dedicate a whole season to boosting the game’s performance.

Rainbow Six: Siege‘s durability in the gaming world is one of the game’s most astounding achievements. It was released in 2015 and is still going strong in 2021. And Ubisoft’s dedication to making the game function properly is one of the reasons for its success. 

Rainbow Six fans have become accustomed to new characters every season, as well as a slew of map updates and balancing tweaks, similar to Apex Legends. 

Rainbow Six spent a full season in its second year on Operation Health, a season dedicated to addressing the game’s bugs, decreasing inconsistencies, and ensuring it ran smoothly. Now, fans are requesting that Respawn do something similar in Apex’s tenth season. A redditor that goes by the name ‘CarbarKing‘ stated; “Remember when Rainbow Six did “Operation Health”? Yeah, it’s time for Apex. I’m constantly getting booted to the point where it feels unplayable. Just hold off on new content, make the season Lifeline themed, and dedicate work to bug fixes and new firing range features so new players can improve faster.” 

Then according to another player u/pandasinmoscow, Season 11 should be focus

ed on bug repairs, technical improvements, and a new deployment process. Cosmetics and other new material would be placed on hold during the season, allowing the developers to focus more on the game’s long-term health. Over time, though, more skins and other items would be added. 

The posts were well-received by other players, implying that a large fraction of the community would accept a lack of fresh material in the long run if it improved Apex. However, it remains to be seen whether EA will decide for such a season and a change to their Apex calendar, but many were suspicious that EA would commit to something that could hinder Apex’s growth.

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