Apex Legends Ranked Split

Apex Legends offers a mid-season split of ranked players. This resets the player ranks and alters the map in order to keep it interesting. Below is the split date of Apex Legends Season 11.

Apex Legends’ popularity has increased with each new season. The 11th season brought many new features to Apex Legends, such as the Storm Point map, Ash and the latest Legend.

Season 12 is approaching and many are wondering when Apex Legends Ranked Leagues might split, or what map will replace Storm Point.

This is everything you need about Apex Legends 11 including split dates and map rotations

Apex Legends Ranked leagues offer a challenging environment where players can improve their game and challenge themselves. While ranked leagues can be challenging for players, they offer a chance to improve their gameplay and IQ, particularly as they move up the ranks.

Apex Legends offers a halfway split. This changes the ranking map and resets the player ranks by one-and-a half levels. It keeps the season fresh.

If you’re curious when Season 11 will split, these are the details.

December 21st is the Apex Legends Split Date for Season 11.

The Ranked Leagues/Arenas player rankings will reset at approximately 10 a.m. PST / 1 pm. ET / 6 p.m. GMT.

Storm Point’s debut in ranking will be remembered by players who return to World’s Edge during the second season of the 11th ranked season. World’s Edge has been widely considered the best Apex Legends ranked map. Those who have not yet played it in Ranked Leagues will be in for an exciting treat.

The highest rank you have in either of the splits will determine your reward at the beginning of the next season. You will receive Diamond rank rewards if you reach diamond rank in Split 1 and do not participate in Split 2. You must retain the Apex Predator rank until you are done with the Split.

A shiny badge will be given to a player who achieves the same rank in both splits during a season.

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