Apex Legends Streamer RockyNoHands Achieves Diamond 3

The quadriplegic streamer stunned the Apex Legends community with his outstanding performance in the game.

We’re used to hearing the names of the top streamers, but there are great content creators on the various streaming platforms who don’t become well-known until they achieve something extraordinary.

Rocky “RockyNoHands” Stoutenburgh, a streamer who was paralyzed from the neck down after an accident in which he hit his head, experienced something similar. He found solace in video games after years of physical and emotional battles.

Despite the fact that he can only play with his mouth via a quadstick, he has broken two Guinness World Records. What he’s accomplished in Apex Legends this week is something to be proud of.

RockyNoHands was able to achieve Diamond 3 status in Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale game that is ideal for gamers looking to put their first-person shooter skills to the test. Rocky pulled off this incredible feat while live-streaming on his Twitch channel.

Rocky didn’t hesitate to share a video of the feat on Twitter at the end of the broadcast, where Apex Legends streamers and the game’s community applauded him.

RockyNoHands may have other objectives in mind, such as climbing the leaderboard. However, given the streamer’s current commitments with Elden Ring, that may take a while. Nonetheless, we look forward to seeing more from this talented streamer in the future.

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