Apex Legends vs Warzone

Apex Legends is seeing a lot of streamers return to the game ahead of its Season 10 update. However, this may be due in part to Warzone’s current state.

New content is packed into the game’s next major patch, which includes a Legend, Seer as well as character buffs, nerfs, and map modification. Apex Legends will have plenty for fans. Call of Duty: Warzone, on the other hand is a huge rival game in battle royale. It has an innate sense of stagnation.

It seems as though the car is in a wrecked state after a disappointing Season 4 debut. Some people will need to paint the car again.

Some of the biggest streamers have begun to shift their attention to games other than Apex Legends. This is despite its many flaws.

We’ll start with NICKMERCS who, through his involvement with Warzone has built a unique community. They return to him on a season basis for his best loadouts and advice. He would love Warzone to become a huge commercial success from a business perspective. He isn’t abandoning Call of Duty completely, but he does now devote more of his time to Apex Legends. He was actually streaming the game live as I wrote this article.

According to FaZe Clan founder, there are three main things Warzone needs to improve upon: the map and the FOV slider. It was not a win-win situation, said he. It had a sauce, or taste, which he assumed at first. But, in reality, he didn’t believe they were allowed to play with it. He is searching for an island theme with palm trees, beaches and ocean. Although it is not clear if he will return to the site for an update in the future, his comments suggest that he hopes for significant improvements. He’s probably not completely wrong.

TimTheTatman, who has over 6.8 millions Twitch fans, is next. According to him, NICKMERCS is enjoying the live grind of Apex, while he wouldn’t be interested in Respawn’s games. He made the comment during an interview broadcast on July 27, 2017. You know Warzone’s in trouble if I play Apex.

He said that he couldn’t remember where he was at this moment, and he checked the controls before he left. Tim pointed out instances in Apex Legends that are below Warzone or Fortnite, just two months back. He informed his stream, while discussing Apex’s rank, that he was going to be flattered and that Apex wasn’t something he loved that much. First, the “time-to-kill” or TTK. It takes quite a while to kill. He’s now familiar with Warzone so that he can play it. The armor system was another thing he disliked, he said. It is a shame that any person can wear gold armor, which can be easily shredded and can then be replaced with another piece of gold armor to have complete armor.

Jack Dunlop, aka ‘CouRage,’ is a friend of Tim and has been playing Fortnite, a Legend-based multiplayer gaming game. For a while, he was skeptical about CoD’s battle-royale title. He wanted it to be fun, but he said in February that he felt “sick” about the constant difficulties of hacking and glitchy gameplay. His attention span and ability to actually play Warzone is very low, he said.

According to him, he quit with Tim and Nick because he was already sick from the game. Although he enjoyed Warzone, he also hated it. They will be followed by streamsnipers if they’re cheated on. There is now a seventh stim glitch.

Even though there have been many updates, such as Season 4 and Season 4 Reloaded, the streamer seems still skeptical. Apex Legends currently has over 180,000 Twitch fans, while Warzone only had 133,000.

The margin in the grand scheme of things is not much. However, it’s NICKMERCS-shaped when CoD viewing is concerned.

According to Newzoo (a company that monitors Twitch viewers statistics), Warzone had 92.3 million views during June. Apex received 47.7 millions. It will be interesting to see how streamers try out new games. This could change depending on the outcome of each game’s future releases.

Activision appears to have won in statistics. However, the common denominator is that, if this came down to streamers, it would not be clear which game is superior: Apex Legends, or Warzone. Although the latter could easily win, there are many issues that they need to address and it is something that many people in the community feel.

Warzone is currently on top. However, it’s not clear if Warzone will be able to make a big difference or just a temporary blip.


Apex Legends lived in the shadow of Call of Duty: Warzone for more than a year. Immediately upon Warzone’s release in March 2020, it was four times more popular than Apex among Twitch viewers, and for the next year and beyond, Warzone continued to enjoy viewership numbers Apex simply couldn’t reach.27-Sept-2021

Warzone Is Easier Than Fortnite And Apex Legends According To NICKMERCS. According to Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff, Warzone is easier than Fortnite and Apex Legends. Even though it may seem strange, he has some excellent points that people tend to overlook when comparing the games.10-Sept-2021

– United States – 22.22%
– China – 5.85%
– United Kingdom – 4.71%
– Brazil – 4.61%
– Germany – 3.40%

Not only was the title nominated as the best multiplayer game at the 2020 Game Awards, but Warzone’s instant success also translated to the streaming world: As of 2021, Warzone ranked among the ten most popular games on Twitch based on peak all-time viewers.

Both these games have their own pros and cons that make them better or worse than each other. While Apex is a hero shooter battle royale, COD Warzone is a realistic battle royale. There are some pay-to-win concepts involved in both games. Warzone is the winner in regards to Apex legends vs Warzone (cons of Warzone).

After playing for about a week and a half, he’d arrived at the verdict that Apex was tougher than the Call of Duty game. His reasoning was that Warzone relied more on simply shooting enemies while the abilities in Apex gave the game another layer of difficulty.14-Aug-2021


Apex Legends is seeing a lot of streamers return to the game ahead of its Season 10 update. Apex Legends has new content and improvements coming in its next major patch, while Call of Duty: Warzone has an innate sense of stagnation. Some big streamers are shifting their attention to other games like

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