Apex Legends Wattson Secret Nessie Emote Revealed

A glitch in Apex Legends with one of Wattson’s emotes can reveal a strange Nessie emote based on a previously patched bug.

Wattson’s relationship with her Nessie doll is part of official Apex lore, and it’s a beloved part of her past among Apex fans. Respawn Entertainment has catered to her fandom by providing her with an emote that permanently places a Nessie doll on the map during a match.

In a sense, players have found a way to improve that emote by combining the animation with a known bug that combines Wattson’s pylon on her back with Nessie.

It takes a few steps to get it to work, but it’s relatively simple to replicate in-game. This is how you do it.

By activating an animation bug that gives the doll a bit more flair with a mini-Intercept Pylon as a hat, Apex bug-finder ‘RossBobSquirrel’ discovered an endearing Nessie emote.

Wattson is known for carrying a massive pylon on her back, and the new animation allows her to bestow one on the little figurine for their size.

For players who want to try out this emote for themselves, simply follow the steps outlined by YouTuber RossBobSquirrel to perform the activation glitch.

Glitch in Apex Legends animation:

  • You should have two weapons.
  • Check to see if your weapon has an attachment.
  • Take off the attachment and place it in your backpack after hanging on a ledge.
  • Drop the weapon you’re holding.
  • Switch to your other weapon after interacting with something.

To know if the animation glitch is active, the YouTuber says you “should be able to shoot while interacting” with something like a Charge Tower.

Then, while emoting, select the emote from the quip weel and press the alt button to see her bring out a doll with a miniature version of her pylon.

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