Are Alternate Viewing Options Harming the Sports Community?

While sport is competitive and can be divisive between fans of different teams, sport in general unites far more than it divides. Sport can help bring the region together, with cities rallying around their local teams. People come together to support their favorite teams. The question is whether an increase in the number of observation opportunities will lead to the destruction of this community.

In the old days, everyone had to gather around the television to watch the game. Families gathered to watch their teams play. Then more televisions came into the house and people started watching the games in separate rooms. People now watch games on computers, tablets and phones, and increasingly after they have already played the game.

This has led to a certain alienation in the sports community, where people share less than before in moments of triumph.

Light fractures

So far, there have been few separations in sports. The most important thing for preserving the sports community is that most people still watch live sporting events. Waiting for the game to start can be very difficult, as you often hear the score before you see the game. However, this may become easier as the number of persons involved in sports broadcasting increases.

The TV Scenario track

To get an idea of where sports are headed, just look at what happened to television. However, you should also be aware that there are some important differences that prevent you from watching the sport live.

In the early years of television, before cable and VCRs, television programs were a cornerstone of culture. There were few display options. Either you’ve seen the series or you haven’t. People saw their friends or colleagues the day after the show and discussed what had happened.

If people talk about a show you haven’t seen, you wouldn’t care. Spoilers were not an issue because people had no intention of watching the series unless they saw it when it first aired.

With the reruns, things changed somewhat, as it was possible to watch the show later, but the spoilers still didn’t mean much.

The VCR allowed people to watch the show later, so there was a little more leeway when talking about the show to make sure it wasn’t ruined for someone who wanted to watch it the next day. So far, however, there has been no real concern about ruining the series in the long run. People usually looked a few days after their flight.

Cable brought variety, so fewer people watched the same show. This leads to small groups of people devoting themselves to certain programs. This has reduced the overall size of the community, but has helped to strengthen communities made up of smaller groups. People were able to identify more similarities with others based on their preferences in the show.

The rise of the Internet and the advent of digital video recorders led to the most spoiler-rich period in the history of television programming. People recorded a few episodes of the show to watch later, and everyone talked about the show online. The rise of social media groups has exacerbated the situation.

Then came streaming, and if you didn’t watch the show with that person or weren’t supposed to watch it the day it came out, you probably weren’t watching a show at the same time as anyone else in your social circle.

You can talk to someone about the show after you’ve seen it. In cases where you watch a show every few months, the person who watched it first has probably forgotten a few things that the last viewer wants to talk about.

As a result, the community around the show has shrunk considerably, but it has not disappeared. Now it’s more for people who watch the series multiple times and want to know all about it. Things are even more clustered than they already were.

Spoilers have also been reduced. Almost everyone has something to say about the series, and most people are now careful not to drop spoilers without prior warning.

The impact of sport

Sports have never evolved as much as TV with scenarios, so there’s no reason to think that with the advent of streaming they’ll suddenly move in that direction. While it is likely that people will start watching games a little faster, it is unlikely that they will ever reach the same speed as scripted television.

A scripted television series can be just as exciting to watch years after it first aired. But that doesn’t really translate into sports. It’s more exciting to see what your team is doing right now (unless they are terrible right now).

The other reason things don’t get to the same level is that some sporting events are really too important not to mess up. The Super Bowl is a big cultural event every year, and people will hear the results.

Scoring is another feature of this sport. Finding out an important detail about the series beforehand can be annoying, but it probably won’t completely ruin the experience of watching it. When you hear the score and know your team lost, it’s no longer fun to watch the game.

For those interested in fantasy sports, you also need to know the games to be competitive. If you have any hope of winning a fantasy football league, keep an eye on the latest football data.

In addition to The Simpsons, scripted TV shows are coming to an end. There is a story that is told for a few seasons and then it ends. The sport never stops. If you miss a season, you can watch the next one without wasting time. You may have a few new players on your team, but you’re mostly dealing with a clean slate.

Despite these reasons why the sport won’t fully follow the path of scripted television, it will likely continue to move in that direction. Chances are everyone will catch up by the playoffs, but fans can save the weekday games. Baseball fans could save and skip games for a few weeks when the score seems out of control, rather than watch all the innings in their entirety.

During the regular season, people are likely to be more cautious and ask if other people have seen the game before the results are announced. It will be on a much smaller scale than scripted television, but sports will be more personalized. The community will take a back seat to the individual.

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