Are Sodapoppin And VTuber Veibae Dating?

Speculation about the nature of Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris‘ relationship with VTuber Veibae appears to have been put to rest after Morris addressed the topic.

Morris received several donations on the topic of his alleged girlfriend during a recent stream, prompting his Twitch chat to discuss the same. He appears to have decided to end the debate. Several people, however, continue to have reservations.

The true nature of Sodapoppin’s relationship with Veibae was hinted at. As the Twitch streamer was getting ready to play Buck Up and Drive, the conversation about Sodapoppin and Veibae’s relationship heated up.

Morris checked his chat after inadvertently conversing with a Twitch donor to find people debating whether he was dating VTuber Veibae or not. He decided to put an end to the rumors right there and then. An indirect conversation with a viewer who had donated $10 to him sparked the conversation.

They sent a message along with their donation, explaining that they didn’t understand why they were giving him money when he had a girlfriend. Morris had made no definitive public statements about his relationship status. The same donor later gave him another $10.

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