Aris Unfollowing Amputee Dark Souls Player

Aris “AvoidThePuddle” Bakhtanians told a fascinating story about why he followed and unfollowed a Dark Souls player based on their gameplay style.

During a recent stream, the Tekken player expressed his displeasure with discovering that the Dark Souls player he used to watch had no hands at all. The fact that they use their feet on a regular basis outside of gaming is said to have harmed their ability to play with them.

While watching the 2021 North America Regional Final Pools for Tekken 7, Aris “AvoidThePuddle” Bakhtanians had a strange revelation during his latest stream.

The streamer abruptly began discussing a Dark Souls player he had previously followed, which led to an interesting point of view that several people seemed to agree on. Several users on the Livestream Fail subreddit agreed with Aris, claiming that he “had a point” when he said the achievement was less impressive.

He flipped-flopped on banning a user several times during a stream from the tail end of 2021 until his mod stepped up at the peak of the comedic display and made a final decision, which was respected by the streamer himself.

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