Aris Warzone Stream

During a recent COD: Warzone stream, Twitch streamer Aris Bakhtanians AKA “AvoidingThePuddle” had a hilarious mishap while attempting to fly an airplane.

Aris was driving around while playing Call of Duty: Warzone when he spotted an airplane. The streamer had never flown a plane before in-game and struggled to even use the mounted gun at first. After figuring out the controls, he attempted to fly the plane but was killed when it collided with another plane.

During a recent live stream, Aris was in the middle of a COD: Warzone match. When the streamer was driving around in his jeep, he came across an airplane and decided to try flying it. As part of the Warzone Pacific update, planes were recently added to COD: Warzone. Players can use them to move quickly around the map, track enemy locations, and engage in dogfights.

While anti-aircraft guns can easily take down planes, Aris found himself crashing into another plane while attempting to fly one. When he used the plane’s gun, the streamer was taken aback.

Aris seemed impressed with the built-in gun, but he forgot that this was his first time flying in Warzone. He struggled with the controls from the beginning and ended up crashing into another plane and he ended up killing himself and being apprehended.

Aris is a Tekken streamer who also plays other games on a regular basis. He streams under the name “AvoidingThePuddle” on Twitch, where he currently has 384k followers. Aris also plays other games on a regular basis, such as Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Dark Souls, and Resident Evil 7.

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