Arrows dodge bullet while PSL DC decides not to link dots

Golden Arrows received a sanction from the disciplinary committee of the Premier Soccer League (PSL) on Monday evening.

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Arrows had been found guilty of using misregistered player Simo Mbhele and could have gotten the six points they deserved in the games he played in.

However, in its ruling, the PSL DC found it inappropriate to deduct the points and they were ordered to pay only for the two committee meetings.

“I am giving you a further update on a recent ruling by the PSL DC against Lamontville Golden Arrows and its player Mr Simo Mbhele,” PSL prosecutor Zola Majavu said in a voice note sent to media on Monday.

“You would recall that a week ago the PSL DC issued a guilty verdict against both the player and the club regarding the registration of Mr Mbhele, which it concluded was inappropriate.

“The issue of sanction was then argued and the verdict was reserved. Earlier in the evening, the DC returned with a sanction ruling and it deemed it appropriate to reprimand both the club and the player and ordered them both, one who paid the other, to be acquitted, to pay the costs of to pay for the two sittings. The exact amount has yet to be calculated by the League. However, there was no decision on a fine or the deduction of points.

“It should be remembered that, by condemning both the club and the player for the said misregistration, the DC came to the conclusion that dishonest conduct was not proven by the League. And in that case, it considered that the sanction regarding the docking of points would be inappropriate under the circumstances, hence the decision it made regarding the reprimand and the adverse cost order. That’s the end of that case, and we consider it closed.”

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