Asmongold and Rich Campbell in Interview with Yoshi-P

Final Fantasy XIV producer Yoshi-P was questioned how the game manages to appeal to both new and hardcore players in a recent interview with popular Twitch streamer Asmongold and fellow streamer Rich Campbell.

In anticipation of the game’s upcoming expansion, Endwalker, Asmongold and Rich Campbell interviewed FFXIV producer Yoshi-P.

MMOs don’t appear to be as popular as they once were, according to Asmon. However, games like Final Fantasy XIV and New World appear to be leading a comeback. MMOs, according to Yoshi, must compete with a variety of forms of entertainment today, including other games. Many players, he added, don’t have the leisure to devote hundreds of hours to a single game. He went on to explain that developers must keep in mind that MMOs are a service that must cater to a variety of gamers.

Asmongold and Rich questioned about how a game like Final Fantasy XIV can appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers. In response to this, according to Yoshi, developers simply need to understand their players and ensure that varied play styles are taken into account while creating content. This manner, all players feel cared to, which is vital because MMO games are supported by both casual and hardcore players.

Here’s what he stated; “Some players just want to explore or chat with other gamers, while others are hardcore raiders. There are so many different kinds of people playing MMOs, sharing our world. We don’t want to neglect people just because they’re causal or heavy gamers. Our world is being supported by all these different types of players.”

Rich then asked Yoshi about how FFXIV manages to entice new players without overwhelming them. According to Yoshi, the development team pays special attention to new gamers and works hard to create a welcoming environment for them. 

Yoshi believes that the community deserves credit for enabling new players to join the game, in addition to communicating openly with FFXIV fans. However, he argues that veteran players can be unduly eager to help young players advance, which can suffocate them and obstruct their own journey of discovery.

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