Asmongold Called Entitled For New World Suggestion

Some viewers thought Asmongold was “entitled” because he suggested that New World developers create a “creator programme” to help Twitch streamers secure character names.

New World has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity since its September 28th release. Some servers are difficult to access. Some players waited for hours, prompting developers to offer more.

But that’s not the only problem players have to deal with. According to developers, character names can also be used globally. The developers state that even though the character name is on different servers, it can not be used again. Also affected are Twitch streamers.

After failing to secure his name, Asmongold was forced to accept a ‘X’ as the final result. This is something that MMORPG gamers have been doing for a while. However, he believes that developers should be able to make exceptions.

He stated that he believes both streamers and companies need a creator programme.

Creator program: They agree to a name. That name will become the creator’s name in the game.

It will “increase accountability for the streamer”, but also discourage people from impersonating streamers or trying to sell their name.

Asmongold’s comments evoked mixed reactions. Some viewers wondered whether Asmongold was guilty of being “on crack” because he held such an “entitled” view. He defended his words and said why he believes it was a good idea.

The developers were positive about their launch and asked for patience as they dealt with login issues.

It’s not clear if they will do anything regarding the characters names.

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