Asmongold Compared Twitch to ADHD

In a stream that aired recently, Asmongold mentioned the possibility of Autism and ADHD. He explained how Twitch can be similar to being on the internet.

Asmongold has been a Twitch streamer that is very popular with many people watching him play MMORPGs such World of Warcraft and hearing his opinions on the ongoing Johnny Depp – Amber Heard trial.

Asmongold was asked by a reporter on May 24, if Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism had been diagnosed. He replied that he didn’t want to be tested.

A viewer suggested that the streamer might have ADHD. The streamer then explained how streaming with ADHD is similar to Twitch.

Asmongold began immediately to explain how his broadcast was likened to ADHD, after receiving the message via a viewer.

The entire streaming sensation was overwhelmed by sensory overload. He had to manage multiple problems at once.

We’ll see if any other major Twitch streamers have the same view as our award-winning MMO streamer.


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