Asmongold: How FFXIV Pulled Ahead Of WoW

Asmongold, a Twitch star, discussed how FFXIV has surpassed World of Warcraft as the “leader” of the MMO genre by providing an unrivaled social experience within the game.

Since first playing the MMORPG in July 2021, Asmongold has lavished praise on it saying that FFXIV, innovated on what WoW brought to the table for the genre originally, and he has streamed the game extensively since entering the world of Eorzea.

Now, Asmongold has spoken out about why he believes Final Fantasy 14 is the most important MMO ever created.

On January 22, the streamer went live and revealed why the game has surpassed World of Warcraft. He continued to praise the Square Enix MMO later in the stream saying that in terms of player spaces, housing, and social environments, Final Fantasy XIV  is cutting-edge and believes it has genuine, meaningful innovation.

Asmongold went on to compare FFXIV’s genre innovation to the jump from Halo 2 to Halo 3, claiming that it’s everything good from the previous games, plus more.

As he progresses through the game’s four massive expansions, the streamer continues to be impressed by what Square Enix has accomplished with FFXIV.

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