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Zack “Asmongold,” a Twitch sensation, has announced a massive project he’s currently working on, which will be affiliated with his streamer organization One True King (OTK).

On April 10, 2022, while livestreaming, the streamer announced that he will be hosting a pre-recorded podcast series soon. Adding a little more context to this startling revelation.

He ended up talking about his upcoming ventures, among other things, about 30 minutes into his daily live stream. As the streamer continued to discuss various topics, he noticed a strange message.

Asmongold announced to everyone in his Twitch chat that he is in the process of creating a brand new podcast that will be featured on his channel soon after reading out the user’s message.

He quickly came to a conclusion by discussing his upcoming project with his organization.

The fans and audience in the YouTube comments section of the video were overjoyed to see what was in store. Many people were ecstatic to hear about their favorite streamer’s upcoming podcast.

Without divulging too many details about the upcoming project, Asmongold stated that weekly guests on the OTK podcast can be expected.


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Twitch star Asmongold teased his high-anticipated return to streaming on his main channel soon and explained why he’s taking his time coming back. Asmongold has been streaming exclusively on his secondary channel, zackrawrr, since his mother’s passing.26-Jan-2022

Asmongold makes an estimated $158,179 per month from streaming on Twitch and uploading videos to his YouTube channel.14-Mar-2022

OTK is a group made up of Asmongold, Mizkif, NMP, Esfand, Rich and Tips. Although known mostly for their livestreams on Twitch and YouTube videos, the group has come together under one roof in Austin Texas to create new weekly shows and events.

One True King

OTK on Twitter: “I’m leaking the announcement, @shroud owns us now” / Twitter.


Twitch sensation Asmongold has announced a podcast he’s currently working on in April 2022, which will be affiliated with his streamer organization One True King. He is hosting the podcast through his main Twitch channel, as well as his secondary Twitch channel, Zackrawrr. On April 10th

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