Asmongold Refused to do WoW Raids

One of the most popular World of Warcraft streamers on Twitch, Asmongold has recently explained to his followers why he refuses to participate in World of Warcraft raids with random people, noting that he doesn’t enjoy himself if things don’t go his way.

Since the game’s release on September 28th, Asmongold has been occupied with it. However, He has stated that he has no plans to leave World of Warcraft anytime soon. If anything, he’s still outspoken about where it’s going.

During a recent stream while Asmongold was playing New World and was busy cutting down trees in Aeternum, a fan asked about his plans to do any World of Warcraft raids in the near future, specifically in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic. In response, he stated that he isn’t since he doesn’t belong to a guild.

He then went into greater detail about why he refuses to do raids with randoms, noting that they make him mad. He explained; “I just don’t want to raid with randoms. I get so mad whenever people don’t do what I want them to do.”

He stressed that it isn’t because he has very high expectations that everyone must meet. Instead, it’s because he wants things to go his way, even if it means he’ll “feel like an a**hole.” He continued; “I want things to go exactly the way I want them to go. If they don’t, I’m not going to have a good time. I know myself, and I think to myself, maybe I should just not do it and save everybody the headache, and that will be it.”

Asmongold made it clear that he had no intention of participating in World of Warcraft raids with random individuals. However, it appears that if he does end up rejoining a guild with good players, he would be willing to do so with them.

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