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Asmongold, Twitch streamer, has been gone for almost a year. When we last saw Asmongold, he had just completed the award-winning Heavensward expansion. He was just about to take his first steps in 2017’s Stormblood. He’s spent the last few months immersed in Final Fantasy XIV’s raid content and longing to be able to complete the Ultimate. Asmongold took a break from streaming, however, after being part of the Endwalker Media Tour. This is not something we need to do for many reasons.

He’s been back since then with Lost Arc and Elden Ring. The constant question is: When will he be playing Final Fantasy XIV? It’s likely he put it off for this summer’s games season. Summer is known for being slow in gaming and there are a lot more streaming tasks. What could be more perfect than an MMORPG with 10 years worth of content?

After Asmongold, other World of Warcraft players tested it out, Final Fantasy XIV was a huge success. Servers exploded at the seams because it was so big.

Many streamers abandoned the multiplayer online game because they ran out of keys.

There is always the question of when he’ll play Final Fantasy XIV once again. Most likely, he put off the game until this summer’s games season. It’s known that summer is slow for gaming and there are a lot more streaming tasks to do. What could be better than an MMORPG with 10 years of content?

After Asmongold, other World of Warcraft players tested it, Final Fantasy XIV was a huge success. Because it was so big, servers exploded at the seams.

Reaction streams are becoming increasingly popular. The story of XIV is long, winding and full of twists and turns. It is a fun experience for many players to see how content creators respond. They can giggle as they attempt to guess the next plot twist, or watch in awe as their hearts are ripped out and trompled on.

Except for community projects such as PvP events and streaming, Final Fantasy XIV content creation usually picks-up every four months. When a new raid is released, especially an Ultimate. We are currently in the middle of patch so most people have reached maxed and are waiting for next raid level.

Because most people are interested in the reaction, it can be difficult to create excitement about an expansion release. People prefer to find out the truth for themselves. Asmongold can benefit by arriving later to the party.

It is hard to overstate the importance of the Texan streamer broadcasting Final Fantasy XIV last years. Perfect storm was created by the timing of Activision Blizzard controversy in 2021. Last year there was a six-month content gap, just after the Endwalker expansion of XIV.

Asmongold was not only the first to start the trend of an “Ex WoW streamer playing FFXIV”, but he also kicked the rock down the hill. Suddenly Final Fantasy XIV was the focus of many people’s eyes.

It was a game that slowly grew into an acceptable alternative to World of Warcraft in a decade. Final Fantasy XIV did not suddenly become better, to be fair. Since the 2013 relaunch of Final Fantasy XIV with A Realm Reborn, it had been steadily and slowly growing.

It was improving but it didn’t get the attention it needed. It didn’t try to be the “WoW-Killer,” and it crashed and burned shortly after. Asmongold promoted Final Fantasy XIV to many viewers and the general public.

Asmongold may have over-extended his foray into Eorzea. The early games were halted by Asmongold’s 130,000+ viewers. It was “good” and people began to be interested.

Square Enix was forced to close the free trial and ran out of digital copies. Naoki Yoshida, the director and producer of Endwalker has repeatedly stated that Asmongold was a major influence. Endwalker was a huge success, and the sudden increase in players put strain on server servers for over a month.

The team behind Final Fantasy XIV have since outlined a new addition to their already-stressed infrastructure. NA will soon receive a new datacenter. Additionally, several worlds will be added to the European and Japanese datacenters.

It will be fascinating to see if Asmongolds second venture into Final Fantasy XIV has the same impact on the population. It’s not as though a perfect storm isn’t coming. Thanks to all the streamers mentioned, and Rich Campbell from Asmongold’s OTK college Rich Campbell among others. Twitch users are familiar with what you can expect from MSQ streams. Asmongold can also experience Stormblood, which will give them a glimpse of Ultimate content.

Most curious people are interested in whether Asmongold could spark another wave of World of Warcraft refugees.

Final Fantasy XIV has been a popular choice for many, with the streaming of the game by the most prominent World of Warcraft content creator boosting sales even further. This is especially true now that there’s a lack of content. We will see if it is similar to last year. The game may be given another shot by streamers now that there aren’t any big releases in the coming months. There is little doubt Asmongold will resume streaming XIV. Even if it is only for a brief time, Twitch will be captivated by the game.

We hope server problems will be less problematic with the new Endwalker release.

As previously mentioned, Asmongold stopped making progress in XIV since being added to Stormblood’s expansion. This is arguably where Final Fantasy XIV began to develop its content. It remains to be determined if he will, as his predecessors, become an XIV mainstay. It may keep him busy until Wrath of the Lichking Classic.


Asmongold primarily plays on the Cactuar server in Final Fantasy XIV.14-Jul-2021

Asmongold Bald | FINAL FANTASY XIV, The Lodestone.

Square Enix Asmon is still yet to experience a lot of what FFXIV has on offer. “You’re right. I did quit Final Fantasy XIV,” said Asmon. “I stopped playing it.31-Mar-2022

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