Asmongold Reveals Final Fantasy XIV Twitch Stats

During a recent stream, World of Warcraft twitch streamer Asmongold has revealed his insane viewership stats from his first day playing the game Final Fantasy XIV: Online that even himself were left shocked.

In the past weeks, Asmongold has had some of the most scathing criticism for World of Warcraft, spearheading the conversations of what Blizzard could be doing better to appease its players. Asmongold is criticizing Blizzard more than he is criticizing its game as he believes that Blizzard dropped the ball on the most recent update. Therefore, Asmongold has been trying out different MMO titles on his stream such as Final Fantasy XIV and Ashes of Creation.

Asmongold recently revealed on his twitter post that he will not abandon WoW forever but his Final Fantasy XIV became a huge success as he managed to make over $30k in a single stream. Now, in the wake of this insane statistic, Asmongold has gone on to reveal his total viewership from his first day playing FFXIV during his recent stream.

On the stream, Asmongold shows off the chart showing that on July 3rd, Asmongold reached 213,270 maximum viewers and an average of 143,254. And with over 2 million people watching the stream while it was live, there were 8,673 choosing to subscribe to him and 35,085 choosing to follow.

While showing the chart, Asmongold himself seems to be pretty shaken by his own stats upon seeing it while stating; “there’s a lot of people watching, holy f**k, yeah there’s a lot of people. A whole lot of people”.



Square Enix Asmongold has never accepted a dollar to play FFXIV, he said in a January response. ⁠“Gambling companies, NFT, crypto, maybe they do it,” he said, “but it’s just such a huge violation. You can go to jail. Or get fined by the government.10-Jan-2022

Asmongold’s Move to Final Fantasy 14 Final Fantasy 14 has quickly become Asmongold’s regular title for streaming. After his community begged him to dip his toes into the Square Enix MMORPG, he was blown away with his first session on July 3.17-Jul-2021

According to aggregated statistics, Asmongold reached a peak Twitch viewership of 427,880, an average viewership of 104,987, and rose by 414,955 followers during the month of February.02-Mar-2022

the Cactuar server

However, it is also possible that the reason Asmongold dislikes the new raid and would rather play Elden Ring isn’t any fault of World of Warcraft’s. Instead, it may be the issue of a longtime player’s frustration over a game that they’ve been playing for 15+ years at this point being offered a fresh, fun experience.06-Mar-2022

Final Fantasy XIV hits concurrent player record on Steam thanks to Asmongold bump. Asmongold’s foray into Final Fantasy XIV over the weekend led to record viewership for the game on Twitch—and that extended to Steam’s numbers as well.05-Jul-2021


Twitch streamer Asmongold revealed his insane viewership stats from his first day playing the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV: Online, even leaving himself shocked. During a recent stream, Asmongold has criticized Blizzard more than he does the game and announced that he will not abandon WoW forever. In the

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