Asmongold Roasts Square Enix

Twitch star Asmongold recently has slammed Square Enix’s recent New Year’s statement, in which the company dubbed 2021 “Metaverse and NFTs: Year One” and praised the technology’s potential.

Asmongold is a popular Twitch streamer who isn’t afraid to express himself when he has strong feelings about a topic.

He’s previously chastised Activision Blizzard and YouTube, and more recently, he’s been outspoken in his criticisms of NFTs, or Non-fungible Tokens, calling people who spend thousands of dollars on them “ridiculous.”

Asmongold took to Twitch to express his feelings about Square Enix’s messaging on the topic after the company declared 2021 as “Year One” for the rise of the Metaverse and NFTs.

When the streamer read the Square Enix letter to his audience, he was doing so live on his secondary channel, ‘zackrawrr’

People aren’t really talking about the Metaverse, according to Asmongold, and they aren’t thinking about it. The main proponents of the Metaverse concept are corporate overlords who want to sequester and segment more autonomy of their personal lives into a realm that they can control, dubbed the Metaverse.

Asmongold then urged his audience not to be fooled by such language and to avoid being exploited.

He also stated that he thinks the concept is intriguing. However, what is produced with it is not, and he concluded his thought by mocking the tokens hilariously.

While Asmongold expressed optimism about the potential of new technology in the gaming industry, he does not see its value just yet.

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