Asmongold Shocked By Dead New World

Asmongold, Twitch’s star streamer, was shocked at how small New World was and decided to keep trying.

The wind has been blowing out of New World’s sails over the past few months.

Since its September 2021 launch, the MMO has lost players consistently. The MMO has struggled to remain relevant in light of Amazon Game Studios’ Lost Ark release, which has been a hugely successful MMO and has topped charts ever since.

There is no New World. Asmongold thinks it can survive, and he was shocked to discover how many people had left the game when he returned from Aeternum.

The streamer, aged 30, returned to New World on March 29th after a long hiatus.

When he first saw the world of OTK, he was shocked.

Asmon said that streaming New World was something he “loved” and it was his “ideal” channel to broadcast.

The daily players for Amazon’s MMO dropped to 700,000. in March 2022. Asmongold is optimistic the game can regain the momentum that it enjoyed at launch despite the dramatic fall-off.

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