Asmongold Slams Pokimane Haters

Pokimane haters begging Twitch to ban her over a resurfaced clip of her saying a racial slur stream has been slammed by Asmongold, who claims they’re only doing it to justify their hatred for her.

So far in 2022, Pokimane has been engulfed in a hurricane of drama. It all started when JiDion encouraged his viewers to launch a “hate raid” against the Twitch star, forcing her to end her stream.

JiDion was not only permanently banned as a result of this, but she also became embroiled in a bitter feud with Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and his wife, Jessica Blevins. They even threatened to file a lawsuit against her as a result of it.

That’s not all, though. After seeing JiDion react to an old clip of her saying the n-word on stream, some people are calling for Twitch to ban her. Asmon, on the other hand, believes they have a hidden agenda, and he explains why.

Asmon clarified, he is only interested in what people have done recently, not what they have done in the past. He also claimed that this is being used to justify people’s hatred of Poki.

Asmon acknowledged that the heinous things said in the past matter “contextually,” he believes it is possible to “let them live past it.”

However, he insists that you can’t make the same argument if someone does something that’s currently considered unacceptable, such as JiDion’s hate raid against Poki.

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