Asmongold Slams Twitch – Praises YouTube

The streaming platform battle between and YouTube usually only grabs the attention of the general public when an influential streamer sign a lucrative contract. Today’s stream saw Asmongold bring the subject to the forefront, without mention of any influencers.

Asmongold took the time to praise YouTube’s technical abilities with playback while viewing this year’s State of Unreal through his Twitch stream.

Asmongold streams mainly on Twitch but also maintains a YouTube channel, where he uploads video regularly.

Many content creators upload rebroadcasts and highlight videos to YouTube to complement what they stream on Twitch.

Asmon gave YouTube credit and expressed dissatisfaction at Twitch’s poor video quality despite it being the most established streaming site.

YouTube may be newer than Twitch in livestreaming, but it’s a much more well-established platform. YouTube was established in 2005 by Google and now owns Twitch. Twitch was created in 2011. Amazon, however, is Twitch’s parent company.



Twitch is a streaming platform that hosts live broadcasts of video game play. Asmongold likes YouTube better, but he still broadcasts to Twitch. He credits YouTube’s superior quality in its streams and says he dislikes Twitch because it has poor quality, despite being the older platform.

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