Asmongold Thoughts Of Overwatch McCree Name Change

Well-known streamers on Twitch, Asmongold recently chimed in on the controversy regarding the Overwatch character McCree after a petition from its community requesting a name change for the character.

Last August 11th, Blizzard lead level designer Jesse McCree was removed from the company and since then, Overwatch fans and users called for the character McCree to be renamed because according to them, the character itself is named after Jesse.

Asmongold has been sharing his opinion on the recent Blizzard turmoil and last August 12th, he addressed the recent controversy surrounding the sharpshooter in Overwatch. He talked about how he views if the name of the character McCree was changed and says that he hopes they don’t change it because in his opinion, it would just be stupid because McCree is already an existing character with a narrative around it and the Alex Afrasiabi NPC’s has no nuance around them. According to him, if it was changed, he thinks that it would be weird and that it would look like they’re trying to hide it and retconning things in order to look like nothing just happened.

McCree is one of the most popular characters in Overwatch and renaming him would also mean that it will require changing his voice lines. Also after Asmongold found out that casters of Overwatch are already avoiding saying McCree’s name, he said that it’s stupid.

In his final opinion, he called on Blizzard once more to make big changes around it’s company and it’s games and said not do a “performative action”.

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