Asmongold Verdict On Lost Ark

One week after the game’s launch, Twitch star Asmongold shared his first impressions of Lost Ark, praising the MMO’s combat mechanics.

Lost Ark had an incredible first week, quickly becoming the second most popular Steam game by peak players, surpassing CS:GO‘s record with over 1.3 million concurrent players.

Since the game’s launch on February 8th, MMO-streamer Asmongold has been broadcasting it almost nonstop. The game’s release even helped him smash his previous viewership records by a large margin.

The Twitch star has now shared his thoughts on the game, as well as his favorite and least favorite aspects.

On February 15th, Asmon released a video in which he discussed his initial impressions of Smilegate RPG’s MMO.

He began the video by pointing out the elephant in the room. Asmongold advised his viewers not to spend beyond their means in order to advance in the game, and he went on to call Lost Ark a breath of fresh air in the space of MMO due to the game’s laid-back attitude and bizarre characters.

He also praised Lost Ark’s combat, describing it as “if Diablo was an MMO,” and describing it as “the main factor that attracts a lot of people and keeps them playing.”

Although he praised the games for their many positive aspects, he struggled to describe the story because he wasn’t a big fan.

He also expressed concern about the game’s pay-to-win elements, stating that he will return to them “in a few months” when he publishes a full review of the MMO.

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