Asmongold Will “Soon” Return To His Main Channel

Asmongold teased his long-awaited return to streaming on his main channel and explained why he’s taking his time.

Since his mother’s death, Asmongold has been streaming exclusively on his secondary channel, zackrawrr.

On December 16th, he explained that streaming on his backup channel earns him very little money. He explained why he doesn’t want to host sponsored streams, despite the fact that he could make a lot of money doing so. He’s now hinting at a return to his main channel.

In a tweet, the popular World of Warcraft streamer apologized to his fans and explained why he has been streaming on his backup page, often without a camera or microphone.

He also hinted at a return date. Soon has no set return date, and only time will tell if he plans to return to streaming in the coming days, weeks, or months.

The World of Warcraft star, on the other hand, is still active on his backup channel and his YouTube channel, where he has been uploading almost daily.

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