Asmongold’s GTA RP Promise

With his main channel back up and running, Twitch star Asmongold has already made a big promise to his fans, promising to play GTA RP as soon as possible.

Following the death of his mother in October 2021, the streamer had taken some time away from his primary channel, admitting that he needed some time to himself.

He’s been more active on his second Twitch channel, zackrawrr, since then, and fans are eagerly awaiting his return.

They got their wish when he returned for Lost Ark‘s early access launch on February 8th, with over 240,000 people in the chat. It’s not just Lost Ark, though, that’s on his mind right now.

There had been rumors that he was going to join the GTA RP community soon, and this isn’t the first time Asmon has spoken out about it.

The streaming star admitted on January 29th that he expected the roleplaying mod to have died off earlier.

Now that the game is apparently staying around for the long haul – or at least until (the now-confirmed) GTA 6 comes out, it appears he’s more committed than ever before.

He made a stronger commitment to his community a week later.

It’s unclear what his character’s name will be or how he’ll appear. He did, however, give some clues as to where he expects his future GTA RP streams to go down, which is most likely on the NoPixel server.

Asmongold is coming, Twitch viewers will soon be able to give their own opinion as well.

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