Asmongold’s Reaction to Kingdom Hearts 4

Although Asmongold has no experience with crossover series but is a well-known streamer of video games. Asmongold expressed reservations that Marvel’s Avengers would be in Kingdom Hearts IV because they are perceived to clash with their styles.

A streamer who has 2.9 million Twitch followers, World of Warcraft expressed his opinions while watching the Kingdom Hearts IV trailer.

He eventually admitted to his viewers that the plot was confusing, that the graphics were impressive, and that the potential for gameplay impressed him.

Asmongold thought about how much Kingdom Hearts IV’s gameplay could have been scripted. He expressed an interest in participating in the launch event, but expressed concern at the possibility of at least one Disney property being included in the game.

In the same way, Asmongold wasn’t sure if an AT-ST footcup could be seen in one or more of Kingdom Hearts IV trailers.

Asmongold is understandable in his skepticism regarding Earth’s Mightiest Heroes joining Kingdom Hearts. The series seems to only cross-pollinate Final Fantasy games with Disney’s core animated projects.

The later games featured not only the worlds and characters created by Pixar’s CGI, such as Monsters Inc. or Toy Story but also the live-action performances of the Pirates of the Caribbean cast.

The series that is lighthearted has explored death and other unimaginable fates. The Kingdom Hearts IV trailer ends with Donald and Goofy searching for Hades in Underworld. However, The Avengers are more mature and have adapted their violence to appeal to younger viewers.

It’s possible to market a version of Earth’s Mightiest Hero that will hit series maturity.

Also, the Keyblade-wielding superhero visited a world that was based upon Big Hero Six, which is itself based off a Marvel team.

This is one of many compelling reasons Kingdom Hearts III should include Marvel characters. However, the greatest reason for Kingdom Hearts III is still to increase game sales because of The Avengers’ huge popularity.

Fans have suggested that Kingdom Heart IV’s worlds may have been influenced by Disney live-action television series.

Some believe Sora is just wearing a regional costume in The Quadrant.

There have been rumors that Square Enix may decide to drop Marvel’s latest video games, especially Marvel’s Avengers developed by Crystal Dynamics.

Although Marvel was an immediate success at the box office, Square Enix lost $48 million in two months and could not cover its development expenses for Marvel’s Avengers.

One year later Square Enix’s president admitted the game had been a disappointment but said that Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was better than expected.



Asmongold expresses reservations about Marvel’s Avengers in Kingdom Hearts 4 because he believes that the series clashes with their styles. A streamer and World of Warcraft, who has 2.9 million Twitch followers and watched one of the Kingdom Hearts IV trailers, expresses his opinions about the game. Asmongold

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