Asmongold’s Successful FFXIV Stream

Despite community outrage, Asmongold continues to be a well-known Final Fantasy XIV Online Stream.

Asmongold is most recognized for his World of Warcraft accomplishments, but he has recently started experimenting with new MMOs. Despite loud reactions from the Final Fantasy XIV community, Asmongold is once again pushing deep into the game.

Asmongold began to broadcast Final Fantasy in early July, causing the game’s popularity to rise. The Final Fantasy community, on the other hand, has voiced worry about the unexpected surge of players and watchers, with some loud members stating that they don’t want Asmongold’s “poison” viewers to join the previously tiny Final Fantasy community.

Regardless of the fact that Asmongold’s first Final Fantasy XIV stream was “one of the greatest” he had ever seen, a tiny Final Fantasy streamer at the time claimed that Asmongold’s “hate and arrogance” were not welcome. A plot was created to “run” Asmongold and his supporters out of town.

Later on, it did not work.

After achieving level 50, Asmongold completed a run-through of The Final Coil of Bahamut. His group appeared to be gliding through the dungeon’s monster, Kalyia. When things went bad, Asmongold and his group managed to get it down to 0.1 percent.

Kalyia managed to survive despite her terrible condition

“Are you f***** kidding me!?”, Asmongold shouted.

The webcast was extremely amusing, while his party ultimately completed the dungeon. Asmongold’s success in Final Fantasy, both in-game and on Twitch, was only cemented by this.

Do not expect him to go immediately because Asmongold has always had a lot more of Final Fantasy to learn and work on. The World of Warcraft community has expressed fear that Asmongold will not return to the game that made him famous on Twitch — but it appears that Asmongold isn’t too concerned about returning right now.



Asmongold is a new streamer on Twitch and he has started playing Final Fantasy XIV Online, causing it to become popular. The community of the game is worried that Asmongold will ruin the community and wants him to leave, but he doesn’t want to stop because he has always wanted to

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