Atrioc Returns

The Hitman franchise’s relaunched a few years back has been a success. It still boasts an active player base for the original game of the new trilogy. Atrioc is a Twitch streamer and a Hitman 3 enthusiast. He just broke the world record by about 10 minutes.

Atrioc was banned recently from Twitch. This led to an extensive return stream when the ban was lifted. Atrioc tried speedrunning Hitman 3 during the livestream. This resulted in him breaking the Hitman 3 record in Master difficulty, suit-only.

A clip showing Atrioc with his friends rejoicing during the credits of the game was uploaded by Reddit user goatgoatlilgoat and appears to have received some attention

It could also be because of Atrioc’s involvement in the Hitman series. Atrioc’s mastery over the stealth mechanics of Hitman makes it appear that he has previously set a Hitman world record. He even created a speedrun category in the Hitman trilogy. This was something he recently competed with another speedrunner.

Atrioc is close to the human limits according to fellow Redditor, lmaogetthatbread. He claims to be an Hitman 3 moderator, speedrunner, and

According to reports, the Master difficulty mirrors the Professional difficulty. This is because it’s the default difficulty in the game and most speedrunners choose. However, the Master difficulty isn’t quite as optimized as the Professional and allows dedicated players plenty of time to refine their strategies. Hitman 3’s record-breaking franchise sales show that Hitman 3 fans are still very interested in new strategies.

At the time of writing, both Atrioc fans and Hitman fans are happy to recognize Hitman’s accomplishment. Many users confirmed that the clip was authentic and Atrioc had indeed broken it.

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