Axiun Is Unbanned

Looking Back to TwitchCon 2019 Popular Twitch streamer Axiun was seen sharing his pass to gain access to the venue.

The streamer was then banned indefinitely from Twitch and his account reinstated two years later.

What was the reason for Axiun’s ban?

Axiun was initially banned from TwitchCon 2019, when an Axiun follower was captured by security with his pass. Axiun may have been lending others his access pass, which would be against the foundations.

Axiun plead with Twitch in June. He again apologized profusely to Twitch for the TwitchCon scandal, admitting his errors, and asking to be allowed another chance.

I hope they will give me an opportunity for redemption someday.

Twitch did not respond to the public’s request for another chance. However, Axiun is now free from any obligation to broadcast at Twitch.

Axiun has yet to confirm the lifting of his indefinite ban. However, we can always count on the streamer’s soonish return.

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