Aydan Ideal Ranked Play System & Rewards

One of the biggest names in Call of Duty: Warzone, Aydan, recently expressed his dissatisfaction with the game but is now channeling his rage into constructive criticism, laying out his ideal Warzone ranked playlist.

While the Warzone Pacific update aimed to bring the battle royale back to life, bugs and issues have stifled the revival. Instead, Aydan, one of the game’s all-time top earners and top-ranked pros, joined thousands of other players in criticizing the game’s current state and a new map.

Aydan sharply criticized Caldera before considering a return to Fortnite, much like console players considering retiring from Warzone. While he is currently balancing his tilt by playing Apex Legends, he said that he has a vision for what could bring him back to Warzone full-time and that vision is a “Ranked Play” mode, similar to what is already available in Apex and something that players have been requesting for months. He outlined exactly what this playlist would require in a new tweet.

The wishlist of Aydan for a ranked mode is fairly straightforward. Zero cheaters, a tiered ranking system, and a variety of rewards would be enough to entice the streamer back into the game.

While RICOCHET Anti-Cheat should handle hackers, the other elements shouldn’t be too far-fetched. Divisional ranks and rewards were already present in Black Ops Cold War’s League Play, though Aydan would likely prefer a different ranking system and more extensive rewards.

A Warzone ranked system, unlike BOCW, could function similarly to Apex, with points awarded for placement and kills. Aydan suggests incentives such as “Ultra Rare Operators, weapon skins, and charms” with a tier system scaling to “Master” rank.

Vanguard currently lacks ranked play, and issues surrounding its exclusion have lowered expectations. H3CZ, the founder of OpTic Gaming, slammed the developers for ignoring the competitive scene, and Swagg, a fellow streamer, responded to Aydan by saying the ranked dream is “chopped.”

Nonetheless, when NICKMERCS moved to Apex’s ranked mode, Warzone lost thousands of viewers. If they want to prevent other big names from doing the same, this outline might come in handy.

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