Bangalore Has Perfect ‘Radical Action’ Skin Cosplay

A fast, furious, and feisty soldier in Apex Legends called Bangalore recently captured the cosplayer’s attention and soldier’s charisma with a stunning recreation of the Season 8 ‘Radical Action’ skin.

Cosplayers from all walks of life have been drawn to Apex’s ever-expanding roster of Legends. The game’s vast cast of characters, from the lovable Wattson to the haunted Wraith, is an artist’s dream.

Bangalore is a Legend that hasn’t gotten much love. Despite being one of the first characters players meet, she is rarely in the spotlight.

Cosplayer and Twitch streamer latinKatt (Katt) is paying tribute to the combat veteran with an incredible Apex Legends Bangalore cosplay that will have you gasping.

Apex Legends was the video game that got her into streaming and gaming, and she fell in love with it so quickly that she wanted to do cosplay and said that she saw that there are many different characters that are being cosplayed, especially Loba, and she wanted to pay homage to her favorite, Bangalore.

She recalls playing Lifeline and then Bloodhound when she first started playing Apex Legends and admits that she wanted to be a more aggressive player, so she chose to try out Bangalore. She began playing in Season 2 and stated that she wanted to put herself to the test and see if she could create a cosplay of the character she played the most.

She says she wanted to try it out and had a lot more free time at the time to make it, revealing that this is her first cosplay. She admitted that it was extremely difficult to make because she had no idea what she was getting herself into, and she believes that the lesson she learned was that things do not have to look exactly like the character’s skin, but that you should give it you are all! She is overjoyed with how it turned out.

Everything about Katt’s Bangalore exudes the character’s feminine prowess, from her wispy red curls to those deep ruby glasses. Is Katt’s impersonation journey over now that she’s spent three days perfecting the look? Is she infected with the cosplay bug?

She believes that only time will tell because she works over 60 hours a week, but she is eager to see what the next one will be.

Will Katt transform into Loba, a high-society thief, and fellow Latina? Will she return to her first Legend and give Lifeline a shot? Only time will tell, but keep an eye on her Twitch to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

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