Banned! Anne Atomic

Twitch Streamer AnneAtomic recently spoke out against the streaming platform Twitch after she was banned following a transphobic pile-on.

Anne Atomic was raided by transphobe and mass reported her. According to her, she believes she is a victim of Twitch’s algorithm and claimed that she was auto-banned due to many complaints against her.

She said that she sees it as an issue with potentially far broader implications than trans people and that they are among most likely the recipients of the extremely flawed system surrounding the streaming platform Twitch and other large tech companies.

Anne Atomic added saying that relying on user report-based algorithms disproportionately transgenders users because they are most likely a group to draw hate on platforms especially when they have a modicum of success.

She appealed the ban given to her but still no word from Twitch. According to Atomic, bans and removals of their content are going to almost all fall on deaf ears and that it seems like discrimination and that its going to affect transgender people.

Anne Atomic also believes that the streaming platform Twitch has unfair power over the content created on Twitch and that there are no protections in place and that it essentially puts content creators at the total mercy of the platform.

She also said that many streamers based their livelihoods and entire lives around the platform and Twitch can easily eliminate anyone at their own “whims”, and says what is worse is that it is often done again by use-reports algorithms limited and no actual human interaction.

According to her, Twitch wields overly vague on its community guidelines and rules and then refuse to give clarity when a streamer broken a rule but instead give a very general list of possibilities instead of explaining and added that Twitch never comments or give any sort of transparency to rectify issues and find it insane after realizing that people on the platform are basing their future on Twitch unfair and unclear treatment.




AnneAtomic is a Twitch streamer who was banned after she made transphobic statements and was mass reported by a user. AnneAtomic believes that Twitch’s algorithm unfairly targeted transgender users and gave them little to no protections. AnneAtomic also believes that Twitch punishes content creators in a way

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