Barbarbarbaros Streaming Profile

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Barbarbarbaros Streamer About

Since january 15, 2018, I’ve been streaming poker @ to the Turkish audience. This is in accordance with the Poker network. I recently switched to my channel as an affiliate for n8 at 25. 5 years experience in professional poker.

How do you stream

I need entertainment, because poker can get boring. You should add other activities like streaming and BR challenges to make it more interesting.

Streamer goal

Promoting my affiliate link is a great way to have a good time. As I don’t care about being watched, I do not have a viewer. This is more for me to continue playing poker. I have lost interest in poker.

City: Istanbul Country: Turkey

Gender: Male

Usernames at Poker Site

GG Network – “kayra khan” at the moment

Which format of poker games do you stream? Cash: $50NL currently for this challenge. In the past, I have streamed from 25 to 400nl. MTTs: MTTs are something I enjoy playing casually. I can play any tournament that I want. I tend to favor the 30$ bounty versions.

Which game variants do you like You can play a small number of Omaha’s great game.

Favourite Speed Bounty Builders and Freezeout

HUD PT4 Training Red Chip Poker Player Stat Information: Sharkscope

Biggest Win in Bigest Win Live? $about 10k$ cyprus This isn’t MTT, it’s just money :/

Affiliations: n8

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what sekapoker’s goal is, what he plays, and when his stream starts.

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