Battlefield 2042 Catches The Eye Of Dr Disrespect

Battlefield 2042 beta testing variants have been released, and streamers are already attempting to get a taste of the game. Dr Disrespect is one such streamer, who is well-known for his passion of killing foes in FPS games. Doc opted to try out the Battlefield 2042 Tornado and appeared to be very pleased with his results. He seems to desire more, and he’s made a strong case for a Battle Royale mode in this game.

Doc has been talking about Battlefield 2042 for a while now, and he believes that the game’s debut will reignite rivalry with Call of Duty. He was seen jumping into the Nakatomi Plaza for some action, clearly keen to check out the Tornado mode. 

Doc was amused with the riches on the floor and the gameplay action. Doc was soon joined in their lobby by Z the greatest, who had his own share of irritation dealing with newbie teammates. In the game, they tried Wildcat, and Doc had a lot of fun driving it around.

Doc was blown away when he saw the Tornado in action, and he appeared especially taken aback by this function. Although he believes the area is too open, the graphics appear to have piqued the Two Time’s interest. “imagine how insane it would be to have Battle Royale in this game!” Doc exclaims as he wishes for a Battle Royale mode in this game.

Doc was incredibly happy to snipe players towards the tornado and emphasized how amazing it would be to have this same thing in Battle Royal as he stated; “Think about like a big-ass map and there’s a tornado happening in a section or like this tornado just kind of goes through the entire map during the BR round, that would be insane!”

Battlefield 2042 has a lot of potential, according to Dr Disrespect, because there are so many various ways to play the game. He recommended Battlefield as the best game for creating custom games to his subscribers. Overall, Dr Disrespect seems to be completely charmed with the current Battlefield game.

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