Battlefield 2042 Devs Roasted TimTheTatman

According to the popular streamer TimTheTatman, fall damage is included in the Battlefield 2042 beta, and the game’s devs have wasted no time ridiculing him on social media.

Battlefield 2042, the controversial Call Of Duty competitor from EA and Dice, is returning with a new iteration. They’ve made the beta available to practically everyone, so TimTheTatman, CourageJD, and Nickmercs have all been able to try it out on their streams.

Tim proved that his previous habits of dying from fall damage were still applicable as soon as they spawned into their first game together, jumping out of the helicopter mid-flight seconds before face-planting into the earth following a failed parachute deployment.

TimTheTatman told his teammates during his October 6th live broadcast mere seconds before the creator’s game character decided to dive headfirst into the concrete; I gotta get out, I hopped. I hopped”.

Without wasting any time, a video of the parachute failure was posted to Twitter by the official Battlefield account, with the caption: “The games change, but the player remains the same.” Tim didn’t even show any signs of grief when he died. After all, he did the same thing in front of Cowboys player Ezekiel Elliott on the jumbotron at AT&T Stadium recently.

Bullying by brands on social media isn’t something the creator is unfamiliar with. Last year, while chasing his first Fall Guys title, the Complexity co-owner suffered the same fate. NICKMERCS joined in on the fun with a video of Betar being the “worst account on the game,” and TimTheTatman couldn’t even get backing from his friends at the moment.

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