Best Armor & Equipment For Each Character –

In this list, I’ve collected the best gear for each character in Final Fantasy IX, as Disc 4 and Ozma are much less intense than the standard game because of it.

Consider this a quick guide to putting together the best possible team.

To keep the list relatively short, I’ve only listed the easiest/most tedious methods to obtain the devices listed below.

There are other ways to get many of these items, and you may already have a few in your inventory!

Zidane best equipment

Weapons: For Zidane, his best weapon is the Ultimate Weapon. He has no opponent in terms of attack power and was found through Side Golden Chocobo.

Hat: The Thief hat, which you can purchase in Black Mage Village on disc 4, increases Zidane’s speed and significantly improves his performance with the Thief skill.

Wrist: Power Wrist is the path to Zidane, found in Daguerro’s gun shop on disc 4. It offers many bonuses in exchange for a slightly lower defense than its modern counterpart.

Armor: Zidane’s best armor is the ninja armor, which provides a speed bonus and also absorbs damage from the dark element! The Ninja gearbox can be obtained from Daguerreo in disc 4.

Postscript: Running shoes. Speed bonus + self-hosting = Zidane wins, it’s that simple. Obtained by defeating a monster in the Weapon of Treno shop on disc 3.

Best dagger equipment

Weapons: Tiger projectile from an oceanic chocobo near Quan’s residence. You can also try the Moustache whale from ChocoGraph 18.

Hat: Saint Mitera, who has extra magic and spirit, also has the third best magic protection! Purchased in the village of the black wizard on disc 4.

Sleeve: the magic shell that is in fact already present in disc 2 in the village of the black magicians! It is of immeasurable use, because it facilitates the magic and makes the summoning of the dagger all the more powerful.

Armor: Our princess’s best armor is, as you might expect, the Rake of Lords. You can synthesize it in the Hades Synthesis Shop, steal it from Hades, or collect 10,000 points at Chocobo Hot & Cold to get it (maybe even on Disc 1).

Postscript: Ribbon, which is probably the best accessory in the game. Halves fire, ice, thunder, and saint damage, absorbs wind and water damage, and upgrades any statue. You have one on disc 3 as part of the story, the other is from the Forgotten Islands chocolate.

Vivi Best Equipment

Weapons: Vivi’s main weapon is the Scepter of Zeus, found in Memoria.

Hat: Vivi’s best hat is the St. Louis Hat. Mitera mentioned above. Available in the village of Black Mage on disc 4.

Sleeve: Again, the previously mentioned VIvi magic cloak spells are a big help.

Armor: Black Robe, which can be synthesized into Daguerreo, has a magic rush and a wave of darkness damage, making Doomsday an absolutely basic spell.

Postscript: Go back to the tire for the Vivi, or maybe the running shoes for that sweet, sweet taste of car.

Best Steiner equipment

Weapons (technically the best): So Steiner’s best weapon is Excalibur II. But it does ask you to play Memoria from a new game in less than 12 hours – if you can do that, you probably don’t have much reason to be here.

Weapons (the best): Ragnarok, found on the outer island of Chocograth. Much less painful than missing 70% of the game in a speedrun.

Ensign: Kaiser or Grand helmet, depending on whether you need extra power or speed and protection. The Great Helmet can be synthesized in the synthesis shop in the Black Mage’s village, the Emperor’s Helmet in Daguerreo.

Sleeve: Gauntlets are probably the best choice for Steiner, as they provide bonus defense against fire/earth/water/wind (read: any Memoria boss). Graft can be synthesized in the village of the Black Mages.

Armor: Tin armor! Cue One Tin Soldier, synthesized in the Hades Synth Shop with a hammer you got from Stellazio Quest.

Postscript: Power Belt, first obtained in Treno on disc 2, but available in almost all Fusion stores shortly thereafter (if you skip ATE and don’t talk to the man with four arms). He adds a nice performance boost, which means Steiner will thrive!

Freya’s best equipment

Weapons: Hoo-boy. Dragon hair found by Dead Pepper at Oilvert. The jump will never be the same after finding this bad boy.

Headset: Again: Choose between the Great Helmet and the Emperor Helmet.

Sleeve: The Shield of Venice, which can be obtained from Daguerreo on disc 3 or in Esto Gaza, provides a sufficient increase in strength and defense.

Armor: Freya should get the Great Armor, which offers phenomenal protection and a power bonus too. Awesome armor can be stolen from the New Dragon or synthesized in the Black Mage Village on Disc 4.

Postscript: For Freya, Barrett would be the best choice for a supplement. For women only, and it increases strength, magic, spirit and magical protection. Barette can be synthesized in most synth shops around disc 2 and 3.

Best cabin equipment

Weapons: One of the types of chips you can get is the gastro fork, which you can find by catching 99 frogs and beating the subsequent final boss.

Head: Circlet, if Quina has the benefit of proper defense. You can synthesize circuses in the black mage village on disk 4.

Hand: A bracelet that increases wind damage to give Twister an extra grip. Black Mage Village, disc 4, you know the rules.

Armor: The Lords’ tomb, explained in the section on the dagger.

Postscript: Ribbon, also explained under dagger.

Eiko Best Equipment

Weapons: The tiger bat is explained above. Or, try the angel flute found in Memoria.

Hat: St. John’s mitre strikes again…

…followed by his friend, the magic muff!

Armor: Eiko synthesized a white Rob into Dagerreo, who has a nice holy spell buff. And Eiko is the only member of the group who can use sacred magic.

Postscript: Lenta again.

Amaranth best features

Weapons: Amaranth has found runic claws in Memoria.

Head: A green beret that increases strength and speed. Can be purchased from Eilvert or the Mogshop in the Desert Palace.

Hand: Strong pulse, Daguerreo, cut 4. We want to increase the strength of the amaranth as much as possible.

Armor: Vest. Amaranth is, as you might guess, an ordinary glass cannon. You can find a vest in Oeilvert and steal Ark.

Postscript: The power bond is explained in the chapter on Steiner. Basically, in every synth shop after Treno in disc 2.

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