Best Grass Starters From All Pokémon Games (Ranked) –

When a Pokémon journey begins, you have a choice: Grass, fire or water.

This is the most important decision you will ever make.

Your starter is your best friend. Your number one. They start with you and will likely accompany you until the end of the game.

So, if you’re a weed fan, which starter (of which generation) is your best option?

And not only that: Which one is the most effective in the league? We’ll see about that!

8. Chikorita/Baylef/Meganite

Okay, raise your hand if you’re surprised by the last choice of the dead.

While Chikorita and Bailiff are among the most beautiful designs in all of Pokémon, they’re actually not that good.

When it comes to gyms and the Elite 4, the Chikorita line is terrible. He only has advantages over Chuck’s Polyurate, Will’s Slowbro, Bruno’s Onyx and Price’s team.

That’s six Pokémon.

But Price’s team is full of ice guys, all of whom do super effective damage to Meganium. Not to mention that everyone else in Gym or Elite 4 also deals super-effective damage or resists Grass-type hits.

And Meganium competes just as badly.

Maybe some things can be done with screen customization and maybe leech seed, but Meganium can’t really capitalize on that.

Let’s face it: The Chikorita series is not very good. Good thing there’s Sunkern and Sunflora, otherwise this would probably be the worst Pokémon grass in the world.

7. Rowlet/Dartrix/Medium Term

While the Rowlett line probably has the best design of any starter, it is far from the most efficient.

Since seventh-generation Pokémon do not have gyms, we will measure the determination against Elite 4. And that’s… is a good thing.

It can easily deal with Olivia and some of Hau’s Pokémon, while Acerola can inflict and dish out super-effective damage thanks to its Ghost typing.

But what really kills Desidaiya are the Kahili and Molein boys.

As far as competition goes, Resolute Eye doesn’t have much to show off.

He has a real ability to break barriers, and that’s an incredible niche. Conclusion: If there is a Pokémon that can beat your team one by one, send it a Determined Reply. He’ll end it with the Hokul Spirit and the Warehouse of Destruction.

But other than that, it’s not that great.

None of this detracts from the cool Robin Hood theme or Rowlett’s bow tie. That’s pretty cool.

6. Treiko/Grovail/Skeptil

Do you like geckos? Then you’ll love the Trico line.

All three Pokémon look very cool, and Sceptile’s Mega Evolution is the coolest. He looks like the damn Dragonlord from Power Rangers!

Trico’s line of play… is interesting.

It’s very useful in the beginning against Roxanne’s rock types and at the end against Juan, Wallace and most of Tate and Lisa’s team.

But in the middle of Hyun’s plays, Trico’s line breaks.

The two gyms are fire and wrestling, and they also have an electric gym that is mostly steel. Furthermore, the Elite 4 ice type member actually has ice types that are not part of the water.

The competing skeptile doesn’t do much either.

The Unburden ability gives him an already high speed gain after using the item, but he can never take full advantage of it.

The same goes for his Mega Evolution, which gives him lightning. Electrical immunity is good, but Mega Sceptile has resisted this guy twice already.

The worst thing that can happen to the Treeko line, however, is that they will be up against the Mudkip line and the Torchic line, two of the best starters in the entire franchise.

Sorry, but Trico’s line doesn’t match.

5. Snivi/Servin/Servir

Old Smagliff is here and ready to be presented!

The most stylish Pokémon on this list belongs to the Snivy line.

Fortunately, they are not only beautiful. You’re doing really well.

This is mainly due to capacity conflicts. Thanks to this, Serperior turns every statistic into growth.

This means that his strongest move, Leafstorm, does not reset his level 2 special attack, but rather increases it. After one use, you suddenly have an incredibly strong and dedicated sweeper with a decent 95 base of protection.

Unfortunately, the Snivy line doesn’t work very well in the game.

His 4 weaknesses are found in Gym Leaders and Elite 4. Even the iconic Pokémon, Volcarona, has two of these weaknesses.

What the Snivy line really needs to succeed is a second round.

If Serperior had a secondary Dragon or Fire type, it would easily be one of the most threatening Pokémon in a game.

4. Chespin/Killadine/Chesnaug

My favorite from Herbal Snacks is probably the Chespin line.

Chespin is cute, Chesnoth looks like a muscular Viking, and I even like the wackiness of Quilladine!

Chesnoth also does pretty well against competition, taking full advantage of defensive stats. He can lift spikes, defend himself with a spike shield, and heal himself with a draining blow and leeches.

Combine that with a great skill set in Bullet Proof and you have a great wall.

He also gets decent coverage with the mallet and drainage punch I mentioned earlier.

So why isn’t he higher on the list?

Well, Chespin’s line isn’t that good.

It seems that every gym leader and member of the elite 4 has at least one Pokémon that can do super effective damage to them. Chesnoth is great, but he’s not very useful in the game.

3. Turtvig/Propag/Torterra

My favorite memory of Torterra is when he appears as Whole Earth in the movie Detective Pikachu.

It was just great.

Thankfully, the Turtwig line is just as incredible to play.

The Turtwig line absolutely destroys most diamond, pearl and platinum gyms.

This is due to its excellent grass stroke and groundstroke, which rivals about half of the leaders in the gym industry, and the Elite 4 is very comfortable. But that means keeping an eye on both the gym on the ice and Flint, a member of Fire E4.

And unfortunately, this brilliance doesn’t really show up in the league.

Although Torterra has excellent offensive and defensive stats, she can only do one thing: Set up stealth stones and try to hit everything that passes by.

2. Gruki/Twaki/Rillaboom

The gorilla that plays the drums? Where have we seen this before?

* Look at Donkey Kong *

Seriously, Grokey’s line is awesome.

This is partly due to his hidden Grassy Surge skill, which conjures up a grassy terrain on the field that heals all Pokémon every turn and boosts Grassy-type attacks.

This is perfect for a new move in Sword and Shield: Grassy smoothness.

This attack gives your Pokémon a good priority, which is further enhanced by the grassy terrain. Combine that with Rillaboom’s incredible attack and you have nothing to fear!

And in the game, Grokey’s line is pretty good! They get along well with about half of the drill instructors and have trouble with the other half.

But even with that resistance, the Grookey line is able to break through with some great coverage battles.

Grookey (and his evolutions) offers incredible options for your journey through the game. And Rillaboom is an important Pokémon to keep an eye on in today’s competitive climate.

Yet, there is another grassy starting line that is even better either way.

1. Bulbasaur/Ivivisaur/Venusaur

To find the best of all time, you have to go back to the beginning.

The Bulbasaur line is incredible.

He has no problem with almost all the leaders of the kanto and elite 4 gyms, has a lead of 3 and holds off 3 others.

Also, his secondary poisoning means that he cannot be poisoned by the poisonous Kogi.

Bulbasaur is just the best choice of all the Canto snacks.

And in the league, Venusaurus is just as bad.

With the Chlorophyll ability, Venus becomes a special scavenger on the sun with moves like Sunbeam, Siege Bomb, and Weather Ball. Venusaurus is actually one of the best sweepers in the game!

Not to mention the Mega Venusaurus Evolution, which gains the Fatty Fat trait that halves all Fire and Ice attacks that hit the Mega Venusaurus.

This covers two of his four weaknesses. And that allows him to exploit defensive moves like sleep powder, leech seed, toxic, and synthesis.

Bulbasaur is not only #1 in the Pokédex, but also #1 in the weeds.

frequently asked questions

What is the best arch for grazing?

1 Bulbasaur – Ivisaurus – Venusaurus The best of the best, Bulbasaur is also #1 in the Pokédex. Bulbasaur starts as a Grass/Captive and retains those types as it evolves into an Ivy Buster and eventually a Venusaur.

What is the best starting poker in a game?

The seventh generation of Pokémon…

What is the most popular starting arc?

The best novice Pokemon Pol…

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