Best Ranked Cloud9 Target FaZe’s Bund

Cloud9 is the best-ranked Halo Infinite Team. Sources say that Jonathan ‘Renegade” Willette will be leaving just weeks after his second-place finish in the HCS Kansas City Major.

Cloud9 took home the Raleigh trophy, and kicked off the Halo Infinite 2020 season with style. However, they lost in Kansas City in the grand final to the resurgent Sentinels.

Cloud9 could be facing major challenges as they compete for North American dominance against OpTic Gaming and Sentinels. Internal strife is causing the players to reach their breaking point.

The 2018 World Champion Jonathan “Renegade” Willette is seeking new opportunities with an NA top team. Cloud9 has been in discussions to welcome Adam ‘Bound” Gray from FaZe Clan, but nothing is finalized and there are no buyouts.

Bound, a relative newcomer to Halo esports is HCS Raleigh his first major LAN event since he started competing in Halo 5.

Eric “Snip3down” Wrona said he would like to divide his time between Apex Legends and Halo Infinite, adding that he is not happy with its current state.

These changes will be approved by Cloud9 and the Cloud9 future roster will look like this:

Adam Bound’ Gray, Zane (‘Penguin’ Hearon), Braedon (‘StelluR’ Boettcher), and Zane [‘Eco] Smith were some of the participants.


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