Better Discord Not Working? Here’s How To Fix it [Guide 2021]

Better Discord Not Working? Here’s How To Fix it in 2022

Better Discord Not Working? Here’s How To Fix it [Guide 2021]

Do you want to know how to fix when Better Discord Not Working? This is the right place for you. So continue reading to know more.

Discord is a popular online chatting app, but there are countless alternatives. Better Discord aims to provide users with all of the features they could ask for and more! Now you can use emotes right from Twitch streams or send messages directly in-game without ever leaving Discord’s desktop interface.

The extended version provides many additions that will enhance your gaming experience whether it’s on PC, PlayStation 4 (PSN) Xbox One.

These include things like live streaming tools so people don’t have t stop playing when someone needs help; voice commands which make life easier by taking care evidently typing out complicated instructions every time, access outside websites through links present inside chats enabling viewers to see content even if the user.

Discord is one of the most popular voice chat apps for gamers these days. It’s also really easy to get into, but some people might be intimidated by all of its features and options if they’ve never used Discord before which means you could have a great chance at getting more members on your server!

Better Discord offers plenty of new utilities with their desktop version that help make this experience better than ever before:

You can customize themes using CSS so there are no unwanted issues when designing your own look, meanwhile, Live CSS lets developers debug code right from within it without having any difficulties understanding how something works.

So what if better Discord stops working? Well, then you just say bye-bye to all of those customizations and other features.

Also, a typical better discord error that most of the users do face is “a JavaScript error occurred in your browser”.

Despite the many utility tools offered by BetterDiscord, some users have reported problems with it. While this app is relatively simple to get started and use regularly- they say it’s known for crashing quite frequently (especially when you won’t play games). Gamers all over the world report that the software crashes on them – making their experience of playing online

Impossible. You’ll never run into these issues if we’ve helped cover your back.

Ways To Fix Better Discord Not Working Issue

It’s not uncommon for people to run into problems with the Better Discord application. Since it is a third-party extension rather than an official release from Discord, there may be issues during or after the installation process such as malware infection if you don’t follow safe practices like configuring themes and plugins correctly.

1. Close And Restart Better Discord 

Closing and restarting Better Discord can solve many start-up issues, but it may cause other glitches in the process. If you’re not getting an error message like “application doesn’t respond” or “operation was unsuccessful,” then close out all running applications before starting again with your chat app of choice

2. Relogin To Your Better Discord Account

One of the most common reasons why people experience slow loading times and disconnections on their Discord account is due to log-out issues. If you are experiencing these problems, logging out can be an easy fix for it!

To do so: locate your settings menu by clicking “Settings” in either desktop or mobile versions; find “Log Out” under Account & Subscribed Content Access section – if there isn’t one listed here then make sure that option has been checked off next time before proceeding further along this path (it should already be selected).

Clicking outside of any input boxes will take us back into our main options screen where we’ll want

3. Log Out And Login To Discord

A few people have said that logging out of Discord and then back in fixed the issue for them, so it may be worth checking.

I’m not sure if this will work for you, but why don’t we give it a try anyway? As long as your computer and Discord account aren’t harmed in any way.

To log out of the Discord app, here are the steps that you have to follow:

  • You’ll need to download Discord from the website. Once you’ve got it, launch and log in with your login credentials
  • Finally, click on the Settings button to find out more about this awesome app.
  • Click the “Log Out” button on this page to finish setting up your account.
  • Don’t worry, once you’ve logged out and restarted your computer a few times it will start to feel more familiar.
  • After that, launch Discord again and sign in using your account.
  • Then click on “Create a New Channel” from the navigation bar at top of the screen.

4. Repair Bandaged BD File

When you close and relaunch Discord, the application automatically takes care of any glitches caused by Themes or Plugins. But if problems continue to persist on your end (or for some other reason), then it is time to repair the Bandaged BD file in order for everything else to work properly again. Most users tend not to pay attention when upgrading/installing.

Download BandagedBD File 

  • Open the BandagedBD Installer
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Select the option which reads “REPAIR BandagedBD.”
  • To repair a stable, tick the “Repair On Stable” box in Setup Mode.
  • Now at the bottom of this page, you will find an outline with five boxes. Check any that apply regarding BandagedBD to help solve your problem.
  • Tap the “Repair” button

5. Remove Custom Themes And Plugins

It is very likely that you are experiencing issues with your downloaded custom themes and plugins. For this, it’s recommended to delete all the custom additions from within Discord itself as well as check if they still cause problems or not.

You can simply move your custom themes and plugins to a different folder, where better Discord will not be able to access them.

To delete custom themes and plugins, you will need to follow these steps:

Once in Discord, type “Settings” into the chat.

A few clicks and you’ll be able to customize your settings for voice or text messages.

Then under the Bandaged BD, select Plugins or themes. Then just choose “Open Themes Folder” to open up all of your favorite themable packs in one place.

This will open up the folder where you can find all your added themes or plugins. Simply cut and paste those files to somewhere else, if needed be delete them too.

6. Move/Remove The bdstorage.json File

If you’re experiencing crashes or discord issues, it’s probably because of a corrupt file. Many users have deleted the corrupted ones forever but we advise against doing so!

To get your app back online for now until this issue gets resolved again in Discord then move the bdstorage.json file to a temporary location.

Note: If the problem still persists after removing the file, you will need to restore it again.

  • To find the bdstorage.json file, just insert this path in your File Explorer and open it up.


Once you find the file, move it to another location or delete it. Restart Better Discord and check whether the problem has been solved. If not, restore your old copy of this program in its default directory (which can be found under C:\Program Files).

7.Turn Off And Turn On Wifi

Discord has been known to be a so if you’re experiencing Better Discord not working, try disabling your wifi for a while and turning it back on.

Step 1: To do this, click on the Wifi icon from your Start menu bar to connect with exactly who you want.

The installation process was quick and simple! All I had to do once it finished installing was type in my password (which is also saved) for maximum security features before hitting Enter or clicking “Connect” as shown below:

Step 2: Then, click on Disconnect


We hope our article successfully helped you solve the Better Discord Not Working issue. Despite being a third-party application, it is loaded with dozens of customizing features that allow for hundreds of modifications and three different themes (among other things).

However, there are drawbacks like downloading or installing themes which can lead to problems later on down the line one major drawback, in particular, will be addressed here; however, seven best fixes have also been listed as recommended order if applied sequentially so they don’t interfere with each others’ effects the severity levels.

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