Blaustoise’s Gaming Setup: An in-depth look

Blaustoise started streaming streaming in 2014 as a hobby. However, streaming seriously began mid-2019 and he has since gained a large following. Blaustoise is best known as an FPS and Strategy gamer. He also works as a Research and Development analyst for new Riot Games games. He responds to fans’ questions and joins forces with Mizkif and DisguisedToast in playing Among Us.

Blaustoise is dependent on his quality of production so we’ve provided below a quick overview of Blaustoise’s gaming setup.


Blaustoise used a BenQ ZOWIEXL2546 gaming console. It is a gaming monitor with a 24.5″ screen that’s intended for pro-gamers and fps gamers. You can choose from a range of refresh rates, including 60,120 and144Hz. This allows you to adjust for the different refresh limits of various gaming consoles. The maximum resolution is FHD 1080p with a 1ms response time.

Its full potential is only possible on computers with the appropriate GPUs. NVIDIA GSync compatibility, which reduces screen stuttering or tearing and allows for 3D viewing. To prevent blurriness, it also incorporates Proprietary Dynamic Acuracy Technology (DyAc).

You can also attach side-shields that block unwanted distractions from your peripheral vision, dust cover and cables. The stand has many adjustabilities, such as tilting at -5deg20deg; swiveling at -45deg45; pivot at -90deg90deg; height adjustment from 0 to 14cm (5.51″) It can also be taken out of the stand to mount VESA 100mm x100mm.

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Blaustoise uses the Glorious Model O-Minus mouse. Blaustoise prefers a matte-black version of the Glorious Mod O (Minus), wired gaming mouse. It weighs only 59g (2.08 oz) due to its light honeycomb plastic structure. It weighs in at 1g (0.04oz) less than the glossy model. The ambidextrous design makes it suitable for all grip types. However, its 12×6.3×3.6cm dimensions (4.72×2.48x 1.42’’) makes it easier for those with smaller to medium hands.

The PixArt3360 optical sensor provides 400-12,000. There are four options available: 400, 800 and 1,600 dpi. However, this can all be changed in increments up to 100 using the software. It also has the ability to store 6 profiles at once. The maximum speed for tracking is 250 IPS. It also has 6 buttons that can be programmed, but it only stores p-to-1 macro profiles onboard. These buttons can be found on the right-thumb. The buttons also feature RGB lighting as well as LED dpi indicators lights.

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Blaustoise has a CENNBIE K87PRO keyboard. It is a wired, tenkeyless, wired keyboard made from aluminum top-housing and has a matte finish. Keycaps are PBT double-shot. You have the option of Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Brown metal switches. Blaustoise chose to go with the Brown option. The actuation force for this version is 55G. It has a travel distance of 4mm, an actuation point 2mm, and an actuation point at 2mm.

The F-keys allow you to program macros and multimedia controls. It also has 360deg RGB lighting with iceblue backlighting. The F key can toggle between ten different lighting modes. You can also rollover the N-key and 100% anti-ghosting.

It also includes red MOBA keys and MMO keys, which can be used in conjunction with the key-puller.

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Blaustoise uses HyperX Cloud MIX headphones. Hyper X Cloud MIX gaming headphones are compatible with a variety of platforms. The 40mm dual chamber, neodymium driver drivers provide a remarkable frequency response of 10 to 40,000Hz. The earphones have a nominal resistance of 40O, and an SPL at 1kHz of 100dBSPL/mW. You can use it as a Bluetooth device or a wired one. It also comes equipped with an optional, noise-cancelling microphone.

The microphone has been discord- and teamSpeak-certified and features a frequency range between 50 and 18,000Hz. There is an optional bult-in, omnidirectional microphone, that can provide a frequency response range from 50 to 8,000Hz. This is great for traveling. The battery can be charged for up to 20 hours, and there are both onboard and inline audio controls. The closed-backed construction creates a stereo sound effect.

They are 275g (9.5oz).

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Blaustoise has a streaming set up that includes a Shure SM7B microphone. Blaustoise uses the Shure SM7B microphone in his gaming setup. This same Shure SM7B can be seen in AnneMunition’s setups, Fresh, LVNDMARK and Fresh. The dynamic microphone has unidirectional, polar patterns and a front-address. The frequency range is 50-20,000Hz, and the nominal impedance for operation is 150O. The case is made from steel and enamel aluminum to ensure it’s strength and function as both a presence booster and high-press filter switch. The switch cover plate can protect them. Although it does not run on phantom electricity, you’ll still need a compatible audio interface in order to connect the XLR input cables. The unit comes equipped with a locking yoke and a foam windscreen.

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Blaustoise used a Sony A6000 mirrorless camera and a Sigma 30mm lens. Sony a6000 digital camera has a 24.3MP APS CMOS Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor. The sensor has an ISO range between 100-25,600. The sensor can capture 4K images as well as movies at 1080p and up to 11 frames per second. You can capture 24.2MP full-resolution images.

The device features an electronic viewfinder and hybrid autofocus. It also has phase-detection at 179 points. It can automatically focus on the eyes of people and adjust its recording speed at will. The LCD screen can record in slow motion at speeds up to 1/25s. To aid in perspective, the LCD screen tilts to compensate for poor lighting. The dimensions are 12×4.5×6.1cm (4.72×1.77×2.64”), and the weight is 344.73 (0.76lbs).

This camera, however, is not professional and may be too expensive for streamers who are starting to stream. Blaustoise used a Logitech C920 Webcam as his previous camera. This is an easy-to-use, plug-and-play cam that Symfuhny and TSM_Daequan still use.

Amazon has the Sony a6000.

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Blaustoise used a TC Helicon GoXLR mini mixer. The TC Helicon GoXLR Mini mixer is a smaller version of its full-sized counterpart. The TC-Helicon GoXLR can supply phantom power up to 48V+. It can also process only one mic and headphone at a given time. You can connect the microphone with an XLR input, or a TRSTRRS/TSRRS jack. It has a slider and mute buttons for Microphone. The same is true for chat, music, and system channels. A bleep button filters out curse words, and there is a temporary mutes button that blocks out coughs and sneezes.

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After high school, he went on to complete his degree in Neuroscience and Political Science at the University of Chicago. He had originally planned on going into Intelligence or Counterterrorism, but this changed when he got an internship position as a User Experience Researcher for Sony PlayStation in June 2014.

The game developer and streamer is now a free agent. Game developer and streamer Blaustoise has announced his decision to become a free agent heading into 2021, ending his five-year employment at Riot Games.27-Jan-2021

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Blaustoise started streaming streaming in 2014 as a hobby. However, streaming seriously began mid-2019 and he has since gained a large following. Blaustoise is best known as an FPS and Strategy gamer. He also works as a Research and Development analyst for new Riot Games games. He

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