Brandon Sanderson’s Kickstarter Campaign Breaks Funding Record

Earlier this week, we reported that Brandon Sanderson, the author behind the interconnected universe of fantasy novels known as the Cosmere, had launched a Kickstarter to fund the release of four new novels he’d been writing in secret over the past few years. Sanderson has a reputation for surprising his fans in pleasant ways, and this sudden announcement that he had written additional books was something that was extremely good for him. It’s kind of like how the author wrote an extra novel in his 2014 Mistborn series without telling his fans. He is full of surprises.

of finish The wheel of time series after the untimely death of author Robert Jordan to consistently deliver new original books, Sanderson has instilled in his readers a level of confidence unmatched in today’s publishing industry. And now it is bearing fruit.

Sanderson’s Kickstarter launched on March 1, just three days ago. Today it officially became the highest-funded Kickstarter of all time, overtaking the Pebble Smartwatch, which previously held the record of $20.3 million. At the time of writing, Sanderson’s Kickstarter has raised over $20.7 million and the number continues to grow at a staggering pace. (It has raised over $150,000 in the time it took me to write this article.) By the time the Kickstarter is three weeks out, it will likely be much higher, setting a new benchmark for crowdfunding on the platform. forms.

Brandon Sanderson Reveals Details for Secret Project #1

One of the most impressive things about the success of Sanderson’s Kickstarter is that fans don’t even know what books they’re getting; it is based entirely on the confidence that whatever the author has written will deliver on it. In addition to the books themselves, backers can also purchase a monthly subscription box for the whole of 2023, which includes merchandise for several of the author’s projects. He’s outlined the theme for each month’s merch box, but as for the books themselves, he’s only revealed a handful of details.

That veil does lift a bit. Sanderson teased the first of these “Secret Project” novels on his YouTube channel on Thursday, due out in January 2023. The author read through the first five chapters of the book and revealed the title: Tress of the Emerald Sea

Sanderson also confirmed in his latest newsletter that Tress of the Emerald Sea is a story told in the world by Hoid, the storyteller who has appeared in all of Sanderson’s interconnected Cosmere novels. If you’ve read the last one Stormlight Archive book Rhythm of the War, and then think of it as a lengthy novel along the lines of the “The Dog and the Dragon” chapter of that book. Sanderson quotes The princess bride as inspiration for lock of hairand the first few chapters definitely have that fairytale tone.

The author also emphasizes that the events of Tress of the Emerald Sea happen in the Cosmere. The story is simply told with a bit of Hoid’s typical storytelling talent. Tress of the Emerald Sea is “[a] story of pirates, dangerous tracks and (because Hoid is involved) occasional self-important monologues,” the author wrote in his newsletter. What we’ve been able to read from the book so far sounds pretty fun.

Sanderson will be revealing details about each of the remaining Secret Project books every Thursday this month on his YouTube channel.

Brandon Sanderson’s Kickstarter runs until the end of March, so if you want to read these secret books, you still have plenty of time. It’s a historic moment and great to see fantasy novels crushing the mainstream news cycle once again. On behalf of all of us here at WiC, congratulations to Sanderson and his team at Dragonsteel Books on this huge milestone!

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