BrookeAB Reveals Death Threats From Stalker

BrookeAB is one of Twitch’s most popular female streamers, with over 2 million followers across her various social media accounts. While being one of Twitch’s top streamers has its perks, Brooke has had to deal with one of the downsides of fame: stalkers.

Her most recent tweet included a screenshot of a disturbing comment left on one of her Instagram posts, claiming that nothing had been done to assist her with the problem and in her follow-up tweet, she stated that she would continue to discuss the issue until she received assistance in dealing with it. She went on to say that this was a problem that many people faced, even if they didn’t have her celebrity, and she wanted to assist them as well.

BrookeAB’s problems began three years ago when she began receiving messages from crazed haters who tried to scare her and even threatened her and her family.

She has been dealing with these issues for a long time, but these stalkers have recently become even more active and have begun leaving disturbing messages on her social media profiles; she shared an example on Twitter and asked if anyone could assist her.

Many Twitter users responded to these tweets, with many fellow streamers expressing their support, while others expressed their disbelief that this is still such a persistent issue that has yet to be adequately addressed.

She made her Twitter account private the last time she had an increase in haters like this, in an attempt to dissuade the haters. It’s likely that the streamer will take a break from the internet this time to try to get away from the situation

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