Caedrel And Medic Join LFL English Broadcast Team

Aaron ‘Medic’ Chamberlain and Marc ‘Caedrel’ Lamont, both from the United Kingdom, will appear in the LFL English speaking broadcasts.

The duo, who are known for casting in the higher-tier LEC as well as streaming, will serve as guest casters on the French Ligue Française de League of Legends‘ English language broadcast.

For the first time, the LFL will be broadcast in English, thanks to a collaboration between Canadian esports organizer Northern Arena, Webedia, Riot Games, and the LFL. The Northern Arena Twitch channel will host the LFL English language streams.

SierraDawn, RavishingRavish, Visionzz, Beatdown, Influenya, and Lisa Doan are among the other English-speaking casters on the LFL broadcasts. In League of Legends, the LFL is one of several European Regional Leagues that sit below the LEC.

At the end of each season, the best teams from the ERLs qualify for the Amazon European Masters. None of these teams are eligible to advance to the LEC, which is a franchise-based league. Teams can, however, buy into the LEC if another LEC team leaves the league. Last year, Team BDS paid €26.5 million for Schalke 04’s LEC slot.

The said announcement comes as the NLC, the League of Legends European Regional League for the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Nordics, announced its talent lineup for 2022. Another show match will take place tonight, this time between the top French side Karmine Corp and Spanish side Koi.

Riot Games also announced the upcoming major changes to ERLs two months ago in order to help “level up” the region and standardize its diverse ecosystem. Both the LFL and the NLC are Accredited ERLs, which means they’ll hold offline events and have their players added to Riot’s Global Contract Database (GCD).

The Superliga (Spain), Prime League (DACH), and Ultraliga (Poland/Baltics) are among the other Accredited ERLs. The PG Nationals (Italy), Esports Balkan League, Greek Legends League, Elite Series (Benelux), Hitpoint Masters (Czech Republic/Slovakia), and Liga Portuguesa are all non-accredited ERLs (Portugal).

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