Call Of Duty Pro Scump Retirement

While rumors of Tom Brady’s retirement have erupted in the NFL, Call of Duty and esports fans have begun to consider their own stars’ eventual departures. They claimed that Scump’s retirement would have a greater impact than TB12’s in a massive poll.

Whether or not you’re a fan of the American obsession with football, you’ve probably heard rumors about Tom Brady’s retirement over the weekend. Brady’s camp quickly denied ESPN’s Adam Schefter’s report that the GOAT was retiring this offseason, saying he hadn’t made up his mind yet.

While fans of meat sport speculated on TB12’s plans and legacy, fans of CoD and esports reflected on their own games.

The debates erupted after one user claimed that OpTic Gaming‘s Seth ‘Scump’ Abner’s retirement would be more significant than Brady’s. We took that topic to Twitter and polled thousands of people about it in the name of discourse.

Our audience is unquestionably skewed toward the Call of Duty community. It’s in our DNA, and despite our shift to covering other esports, that scene has unquestionably survived.

Nonetheless, a poll of over 3,500 people, as well as the results, are nothing to laugh at. When asked who would have a “bigger impact” if they retired, a whopping 71.9 percent of respondents said Scump.

Tom is the all-time greatest American football player. He not only has the most Super Bowl rings of any player in history, but he also has the most of any franchise. That’s a significant legacy, so it’s no surprise that reports of his retirement sent shockwaves through the sports world.

Nonetheless, the argument that Scump’s impact is greater has some merit. TB12’s 22-year career has left an indelible mark on football, but the league has been around since 1922.

There are some who argue that Scump has meant more to CoD than Brady has to football. The first Call of Duty Championship took place in 2009, and Scump has essentially been the face of the esport since his debut in 2011.

It doesn’t appear that OpTic will retire anytime soon, with the man known as scumpii representing them for CDL 2022. Even so, when he finally decides to hang up his skates, it’s clear that his legacy will go down in history.

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