CallMeCarson Encounters Awkward Moment in Pokemon Story

After his lengthy break from streaming, CallMeCarson has made a comeback on Twitch but during his return stream, he encountered an awkward moment while playing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.

Back in January, CallMecarson was accused of grooming underage fans. The accusations came from fellow creators who worked with him during an interview with Keemstar. This caused Carson to lose a huge chunk of his subscribers and massively trend on Twitter as more of his victims came forward. Since then, he kept a low profile on social media as he also took a long break from streaming.

Now, after a few months of his lengthy break, he announced that he is returning to streaming. Carson made a video recently stating that he will begin streaming again on September 1st at 1 pm EST. True to his words, Carson officially made his streaming return on September 1st but he was quickly hit with a pretty awkward moment.

During the stream, he decided to play some Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. While his stream had a good start, Carson eventually ran into an awkward situation. Navigating through boxes of dialog, Carson came across a rather peculiar interaction that seems to take some personal shots.

The game begins with a persona quiz to determine which Pokemon the participant will probably be remodeled into. Speaking to the persona of CallMeCarson’s in-game character, the game described him as a “lone wolf” that older folks may find him as disagreeable. Eventually, the next passage is what makes it strange and awkward as the message reads; “But people younger than you tend to really admire you!”. Because of this, Carson buried his face in his hands while saying “OH NO”. Regardless, he handled the moment with grace as the chat recoiled with spams of laughs.

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