CallMeCarson Posts a Tweet Amid Months Long Hiatus

Carson King, a controversial internet personality better known by CallMeCarson, has again shocked many netizens when he sent a strange tweet and claimed that it was a mistake.

In January 2021, Carson was charged with grooming minors. Carson was accused of grooming underage fans and lost many friends. Carson decided to stop posting on any social media platform and to remain silent.

He posted an online tweet in June saying “give me some more time” which quickly caused a lot of debate about whether the former star should return. Carson posted another tweet, which was quickly deleted by many netizens. Although the tweet was quickly deleted, some netizens managed to capture a screenshot. The tweet, however, had no context whatsoever, and doesn’t make any sense.

The tweet simply stated, “I just want to be bred. and breeded.” Although fans didn’t jump to any conclusions about this one it raises questions as to the meaning of this statement. Carson replied to the tweet, saying it was a mistake. He also forgot that his private account was on Twitter. Fans have seen him repeat this before.

Even if he intended to tweet that from his private account, there is still no context for why he did it.


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