Can a Game Booster Increase Gaming Performance on Windows 10

There are tools known as game accelerators. You may be wondering: Can these game accelerators improve game performance? This article explains the answer.

Computer games have become very popular. Games are one of the keys to the success of Windows 10. Windows itself has many interesting features for games. However, you can also see other third-party tools. Especially a game accelerator has become commonplace these days. All of these software vendors claim that their tools can improve video game performance, especially FPS. But do they really improve the SPF? It is a pervasive problem in society. Let’s dig a little deeper to find the answer.

Does the Game Booster improve game performance, especially FPS?

That’s the million dollar question. If Windows 10 has a dedicated gaming mode feature, what additional benefits can these gaming accelerators bring? Why do you need it, or why not? We’ll find out.

Can a game booster increase FPS?

I used a Smart Game Accelerator to see what it could do to improve my gaming experience. To test it, I closed all other programs on my Windows 10 computer. Then press the Boost button to activate the game accelerator. I opened the Age of Empire 2 ED to see the effects. I have a pretty old PC with a 7th gen i7 core. generation, 32 GB RAM with a GTX 1050Ti GPU and a laptop with a 7th gen i5 processor. This is the second generation with 16GB of RAM and a 2GB MX940 GPU.

I have not noticed any significant improvement on my computer. But, there was a little more FPS. I usually get between 60 and 75 FPS in initial mode. The throttle was at maximum 78, while the temperature was 2/3′ Fahrenheit higher. However, after playing for a while, it didn’t affect the gameplay at all.

But after using my super throttle, the game ran a little better while the temperature was high.

I also tried it on my laptop. Since the laptop is not as powerful as the PC, the game accelerator had a slightly better effect in the same game. After playing for a while, it got very hot and I had to turn off the game. Since the cooling system of the laptop was very bad, it got a little hot.

After observing these two situations, I discovered that a game accelerator can increase the FPS. However, it cannot stay in operation for long if there is no proper cooling system.

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I’m not a professional player. But sometimes I play games. Age of Empires 2 NL, Counter-Strike : Yes, these are the most common on my list. Since both products already work well on my PC, I was unable to get a significant improvement in my gaming experience with the game accelerator. I did see some bumps on the laptop though. If you have a regular gaming computer, a game accelerator can help you get super speed. But if you don’t have a good cooling system, it won’t help. This can also lead to performance issues after a while, as the CPU and processor get very hot. In thin laptops, a gaming booster is unnecessary because the cooling system is not designed for gaming.

The definitive answer to a popular question: A game accelerator can provide a slightly better gaming experience if the cooling system is good. But that won’t help if your cooling system is faulty or if you’re trying it on a thin laptop. If the answer matches, you can try a game accelerator to see if it helps. Some of them offer a free trial.

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